API Request

Before you can start interacting with the Kanka API, you need to generate a Key by navigating to your Profile > API page in the app to generate a key.

Api Request

{warning} Tokens are valid for 365 days. Never share your tokens with anyone!


Each request to the api requires an oAuth 2.0 token to identify the user. Tokens can be generated in the user's profile page (/en/settings/api).

When calling the API, add the following headers:

    Authorization: Bearer user_token_here
    Content-type: application/json


{warning} Please note that all endpoints documented here need to be prefixed with api/1.0/. For example, if an endpoint is listed as campaigns, you should use


The API is set up to allow a maximum of 30 requests per minute per client. When you exceed this limit, you will be greeted with a 429 error code.

You can increase this limit to 90 requests per minute by becoming a Subscriber.

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