Entity Mentions

All Entity Mentions

You can get a list of all the mentions of an entity by using the following endpoint.

{warning} Don't forget that all endpoints documented here need to be prefixed with api/1.0/campaigns/{campaign.id}/.

Method URI Headers
GET/HEAD entities/{entity.id}/mentions Default


    "data": [
            "entity_id": 10,
            "entity_note_id": null,
            "campaign_id": null,
            "target_id": 36
Field References
entity_id The current entity
entity_note_id The entity note id that mentions this entity
campaign_id The campaign ID mentioning this entity. This will always be the entity's campaign ID
target_id The entity ID that mentions this entity

Only one of entity_note_id, campaign_id or target_id will ever be filled out for a mention. If an entity is mentionned several times by another entity, only one mention object is saved.