RPG Campaign Management and Worldbuilding made easy

Kanka is an easy and flexible tool to worldbuild and manage your RPG campaign online. Create and organize people, places, organizations, events and much more.

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A novel way to keep track of your worlds and campaigns.

Kanka is available on any mobile device and browser. There is no need to install anything, and you always have the latest version and new features. Forget about losing track of your scattered notes, in Kanka everything is in one place and easy to find.

Kanka campaign management and worldbuilding dashboard

Powerful features with incredible flexibility

Kanka has a large number of features. Keep track of your world's Characters and their relations, Locations and their history, Quests and their objectives, Calendars and their events and weather effects, and many more. Best of all, Kanka receives several updates every month based on user feedback.

Kanka mobile campaign management and worldbuilding dashboard

Characters, Families, Locations

Keep track of characters, their families, their whereabouts and lots more at all times.


Prepare your next session or log events with our advanced journaling feature!

Free to Use

All core features of Kanka are absolutely free, with bonuses for Kanka supporters.


Not alone? We've got you covered! You can invite your friends and co-dungeon master to help you build your campaign!

Pricing Overview

While all core features are free, supporting Kanka helps us deliver frequent updates and improvements for all users.


  • No Campaign Boosters
  • Unlimited campaigns & uploads
  • Access to all core features
  • Frequent updates and improvements
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  • 3 Campaign Boosters
  • Higher file upload sizes (8mb)
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  • Nice default images for entities

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Spend less time organising and more time worldbuilding.