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The caster tries to warp the fabric of reality with the aid of otherworldly denizens. This spell cannot have its cost reduced. The caster must make a 1d20 plus casting modifier roll with a difficulty of 20. If the caster fails to exceed the difficulty they suffer their maximum MR as damage to their health. The specifics of the effect are dependent on the DM’s discretion. For example you might remove all negative magical effects, curses or diseases from a known individual. Other examples include, their entire party being teleported away from danger, resurrecting a dead party member, allowing an individual to break free of a devil’s contract, etc.


Spell Levels
Wizard/Sorcerer 9th
Action Cost
10 Actions
Saving Throw

Erstellt von Frank The World Duck vor 1 Jahr. Zuletzt bearbeitet von Frank The World Duck vor 6 Tagen

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