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It’s here, but I suppose it’s always been here, lurking between the cracks and crevices of the earth, it’s unholy appendages leeching onto the surface akin to some blasphemous aberration smelling out pray for the first time. The corruption of Vor Rukoth has slowly begun to plague the continent making its way from the eastern corner of the world, spreading its decay across the land as it slowly crawls and consumes everything it touches. Toxic fungi, giant spiders, eldritch abominations have begun to appear originating out of its decrepit pits. Yet, the governments of the world feign ignorance to its existence instead aiming to deal with unscrupulous manners of war and politics.

Wiser men have begun to flee the only known continent of the world, sailing west in search of new land, as the corruption begins to cause adverse effects on the world.

So, what will you do, oh wise adventurers, will you stand your ground and move closer to the abomination that is the plague, or will you sail west, and leave the world you always knew behind.

Dare you rise against The Forgotten Fear of Vor Rukoth?

A mercenary who won't speak much of her past, but enjoys talking of the future. Somewhat of an airhead with barely any ambitions of her own, just wants to find a place where she finally feels like she belongs. Her sweet smile and demeanor hide a bitter past. Moving from family to family, from place to place she never really found one of those places to call home. That is, before she found The 20. With these people who were so tight knit that she could finally feel at ease, even when trekking through dangerous dungeons or fighting back waves of goblins. She truly felt at home, which is probably why she'll fight so hard to get them all back. She may have lost a family before, she may not even be able to remember her parents' faces, but she'll be damned if anything will get in the way of finally being home. Finally being free. After all she does have a promise to keep. One that she intends on fulfilling. Even if it kills her.

In Oclaria under contract from the Queen: Soleil, Almaia Musafad, Wilbert "Willy" Plugwobble set out to end a war with Kenkus. However through a somewhat miraculous discovery led them to the knowledge that the Queen was a vampire. Decided to side with the reunited Bruce Ifufu and the Kenkus they hatched a plan to slay the beast.

Though the mission was a success the party suffered major losses, among them was Almaia Musafad, Samandra Foggerton. She wept over the loss of her friends, especially Samandra's since she was the direct cause for her fate since she was under the charms of a vampire queen.

Through the efforts of the "Wise One" and herself, Samandra was returned to life, seemingly even more connected with the fire inside of her before. However, all the cold in her had to go somewhere, so Soleil gave up everything that made her her. Taking in all of the cold from Samandra and allowing her to live again at the cost of Soleil's strength. The extent of which is not yet known of what was lost and what was given. They seem to have become counterparts to each other, their power together has not yet been tested. Soleil then carried her back to Myrefall in order to get her some rest.


Julian is 6’3” and weighs around 230lbs. He has very dark black hair that can darken his face quickly when he forgets his daily shaving routine for an extended period of time. He has crystal blue eyes that appear to pierce what they are looking at. His pointed ears from his father’s side are usually hidden by a traditional Legion helmet but show prominently over his short hair when he isn’t wearing it. He has a sturdy build, well toned after years of training from his grandfather and his service in the Legion. He has one set of tattoo’s on his right arm denoting his membership to the Legion, his years of service, his rank and his battalion. His normal outfit is standard issue leather armor with a thick cloak for colder climates. On his belt are two sheaths, one longsword and one shortsword.


Born the son of Victoria Trantor and Tazreal Stormblood, and his grandfather, Atraeus Trantor, a Captain in Maximus’ Legion, was assigned to the guarrison of Traaiva, a small town a few miles from the bridge leading into Isla Aria. The family was native to Aria and Atraeus had been a small town guard before joining the Legion where he quickly grew to his Captain position. Some said he could have gone farther but his family kept him from pursuing further advancement in the Legion. Victoria was a barmaid at one of the local taverns, enjoying her simple life under the protection of her father. While working there, she met a Legion Oathsworn and became enamoured with him, and his comrades noticing this every time they came to the bar, began to pressure him into following through during their stay at the town. Tazreal eventually gave into the pressure after a heavy night of drinking. A couple days later Tazreal and his fellow warriors were called to fight in a town closer to Isla Aria. It wasn’t long after they left that Victoria discovered she was pregnant. Atraeus immediately forbid her from informing Tazreal of the child’s existence, and Victoria having no choice, followed her father’s order.
The child was born a healthy boy 9 months later and given the name Julian Trantor, by his grandfather, completely unknown to his father. He spent the first 9 years of his life being raised by his loving mother, who devoted everything to giving him an education and teaching him about the world. His mother wasn’t destined for long in this world and Cirr took her not long after his 9th summer. His grandfather took the boy in and began to raise him in the only life he knew. The life of a soldier. He began to teach him tactics, swordplay, everything he would need to be a successful soldier in the Legion. During this period he began to instill in him mindset of a Legionnaire and their beliefs all the while his mother’s more accepting teachings faded to the background. 9 years passed, and Julian had become a well developed young man, ready to take on a life as a soldier of the Legion. He was accepted into the Legion with a letter of recommendation from his grandfather and began to learn the harsh realities of being a soldier. Julian spent the next 7 years in a batallion that had been tasked with dealing with the pockets of resistance left in the Arian desert that had been conquered by Maximus. During this time he excelled in his duty and was promoted to sergeant, and the codenamed "Wolf", but this mission never sat right with him, with whisperings in the back of his mind nearly depriving him of sleep near the 7th fall. 2 weeks after the beginning of that winter he received a missive that his grandfather had fallen ill and that he was given leave to go visit him. He arrived 2 days before his grandfather passed away. His grandfather was nearly non responsive when he arrived and was fading fast. Julian got one chance to speak with his father in between the increasing periods of unconsciousness. In which Julian learned a secret, that had been kept from him. His father was alive and had been last seen at a monastery farther inland. This revelation shocked him but before he could learn more his grandfather faded away for the last time. Another two days later after the funeral, he began to look through his grandfather’s possessions and found a journal, and the more recent entries were about the whereabouts of Tazreal. Armed with this new knowledge he requested to be discharged by the Legion. They accepted on the condition if he was needed in the future he would help if he could. He accepted, and prepared to set out on a journey to this strange monastery his father had been seen at. It took quite some time for him to find the monastery but eventually he was able to, and was greeted by the leader when requesting information about Tazreal. They spoke for awhile and then Julian was given a journal, and told to go to Myrefall, as they had received word of Tazreal being there. Julian set out as soon as he could to try and catch up to his father. Along the way he read the journal that was given to him by the Curator of the Order of Benedicts. In it he learned of Tazreals actions as an Oathsworn, all of the bloody battles he fought in the Arian unification campaign. He found one section dedicated to his mother, giving details around the event, as much as he could remember, saying in it,
“I never knew what happened to her… It will always be one of my biggest regrets not knowing what followed, if she bore a child or… Well if there was a child I’m going to write down the names I would have chosen, and hope… Anyway, for a boy, ‘Raamas Itranor Stormblood’ and for a girl, ‘Evellyn Raisor Stormblood’. If they live in this world I hope they become a better person that I have been.”
At the end of the book he found one phrase written largely, as a summation of Tazreal’s learning from his self introspection. Julian couldn’t get it out of his head after reading it.
“One life lived, one life taken, one life saved.”
Julian wasn’t sure what he would do when he found his father, but he knew that his words in the journal had resonated with his experience as a member of the Legion, and the teaching his mother gave him as a child.

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