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Thylean History



All of Thylean history lies here. Ranging from "The Dark Ages", a time before mortals had the far-reaching civilisations that now bless the land, to the Oath of Peace was sworn and hostilities ended, to ofcourse, to the centuries since then, also known as "The Golden Age" or "The time of Mortals". Be aware that different cultures have different opinions on what actually happened in our long storied histories and there is some objection on the times before out great Kingdoms being called "The Golden Age" but as this work has been researched and penned by the esteemed Academy of Mytros you reader can be assured that it is entirely correct. 

- Chief Historian Panagiotis Ololathos

Current Era (CE) > 0

The time after the The Oath of Peace is sworn also known as "The Golden Age" or "The time of Mortals". The settlement of Mytros expanded into a great city, and it was protected by the twin Colossi forged by Volkan—beacons of civilization on the shores of a wild frontier. New settlers came from beyond Forgotten Sea, and the mortal population of Thylea swelled. The children of the Dragonlords became kings, and their dynasties ruled over new cities that sprang up across the land.

  • Founding of the Kingdom of Mytros 1 CE

    The City of Mytros grew into a great metropolis, and it has been protected by the twin Colossi, beacons of civilization on the shores of a dark frontier.


  • Disappearance of the Ultros 28 CE

  • Construction of the Necropolis 35 CE

    A grand tomb is constructed for all of the Dragonlords and their ilk.

  • The Aresian campaigns begin 125 CE

    The first of the great wars between The Kingdom of Aresia and The Kingdom of Mytros begins. 

  • Pythor becomes king of Estoria 330 CE

    The king of Estoria is Pythor, the mightiest of the Five Gods. He rules from his palace at the highest vantage point in the city.

  • The Kraken destroys one of the Colossi 370 CE

    A ferocious beast attacks Mytros and destroys one of the guardian Colossi, wrenching it from the harbour and throwing it into the depths.

  • The last great Aresian campaign ends 400 CE

    The great wars between The Kingdom of Aresia and The Kingdom of Mytros seem to have ended...for now. 

  • Acastus becomes King of Mytros 468 CE

    The Kingdom of Mytros is ruled by the mighty Acastus, the last true descendant of The Order of the Dragonlords. Acastus is revered across all of Thylea and he is the husband of Queen Vallus, the wisest of the Five Gods. 

  • With the imminent end of the Oath of Peace, the Oracle has prophesied the Doom of Thylea: the death of the gods, the destruction of the sacred tree, and the total annihilation of all mortal races. Players in this campaign will take on the role of a group of heroes who have been summoned to the Temple of the Oracle in an attempt to avert this catastrophe.

  • This has yet to occur. Do not glimpse too far into the future lest you be struck blind by it.

Dawn Age (DA) 2000 — 0

These are the times before the oath of peace was sworn and mortals did not have far-reaching civilisations. There is little written down from these times.

  • Height of the Gygan empire ~2,000 DA

    In the centuries before the founding of Mytros, mortals had no dominion over the untamed lands of Thylea. The Gygans, an ancient civilization of cyclopes, ruled most of the land with The Amazons being their chief enemy.

  • Humans started washing up on the shores of Thylea, in numbers great enough that small settlements were made. 

  • One fateful day, a flight of powerful bronze dragons arrived on Thylea’s shores, each bearing a great champion from the Old World. 

  • Founding of the first settler kingdoms 18 DA

    With The Order of the Dragonlords help, the mortals were able to go from ramshackle villages to the first steps towards establishing kingdoms.

  • The great powers that ruled Thylea grew jealous. Sydon and Lutheria, the Twin Titans, immortal children of the mother goddess, amassed great armies to eradicate the city. The Order of the Dragonlords responded by gathering all the mortals in Thylea into a united assault on the native races, and so began the First War.

  • Sydon kills the last dragon 12 DA

    The cost of victory was great: by the time the war ended, the last of the dragons had been killed defending the city they loved most. 

  • The Five Gods appear 10 DA

    Perhaps most miraculous of all, however, was the appearance of the Five Gods. These immortal figures descended from heaven when the tide had turned against the Dragonlords. Some have claimed that they were manifestations of Thylea’s own desire to protect her immigrant children. They took the form of mortal men and women, but their eyes were alight with the fire of divinity.

  • Mytros ascends to the heavens 1 DA

    Such was the anger of the Titans that their retaliation threatened to sunder the very foundations of Thylea. In the end, Mytros, the goddess of dawn, sacrificed herself and ascended once more to the heavens in order to rescue her beloved city from destruction.

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