1. Spezies




Marble golems are usually sculpted to resemble beautiful heroes and rulers from ages past. The wizards who build them require the services of great artisans, because the golem's features must be extremely lifelike for the animating magic to take hold. There are rumors that evil wizards resort to petrifying beautiful youths to get the materials they need for construction.
Marble golems are usually set to guard areas where aesthetic beauty is desired temples, palaces, libraries, or estates. Marble golems can be disguised as normal statues, but they come alive under certain conditions. For example, it might attack trespassers who enter a room without speaking the proper password. They can also activate on a command word from their designated master.

Marble golems are animated by spirits plucked from the elemental planes and forcibly bound into artificial bodies. The spirits unwittingly attracted to these particular constructs are always vain, and golem builders take advantage of their conceited natures when weaving the necessary binding spells. As long as the spirit finds its new form and surroundings suitably beautiful, it is much less likely to break free from its master’s control. Great care is therefore given to ensuring that marble golems are displayed in such a way that their beauty is emphasized and respected. A marble golem usually stop its attacks once an enemy has fled. However, if the marble golem has had its beauty marred, the spirit inside will become enraged. The golem will become relentless in its desire to track down and kill whoever damaged it. While the golem doesn’t have any magical ability to track the object of its hatred, it can follow footprints, and it will interrogate (or destroy) anyone who stands in its way.