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Outsiders may lead difficult lives in Thylea. They often start their careers in the Forgotten Land with very little—for example, basic gear that they managed to cling to after a shipwreck. As in many societies, this visible poverty makes them objects of suspicion for the natives: who are these strangers, and what are they about to steal? Members of races that are rare in Thylea will face inevitable suspicion. In extreme cases, they will need to persuade the natives that they are not some monster sent as punishment by the gods. Provided that outsiders don’t run amok, the natives are likely to treat them with a degree of kindness: the rules of guest friendship apply even to those who wash ashore from shipwrecks. However, it’s easy for a stranger to run afoul of the conventions of Thylea— those of guest friendship in particular.

For an outsider, it can be difficult to grasp the idea of being both the mortal enemy of “savage centaurs” and also a guest in a centaur camp. Worse yet, no one will explain that they will once again be fair game when they leave the camp on the next morning. This absolute standard of hospitality can be mistaken for weakness—a fatal error. Outsiders who abuse guest status will soon find everyone’s hand raised against them and curses raining down upon them. All Thylean natives understand the importance of oaths and the rules of civilized oath-taking. Because this is widely-understood (and therefore blindingly obvious), no one bothers to explain it. Outsiders may foolishly swear an oath, thinking that they are merely making a promise. In actuality, they are submitting to a solemn and binding vow. In this world, a hero’s word means something—it has real weight.

Outsiders who learn this lesson quickly will survive and thrive. Those who fail to do so will find themselves at the mercy of the Furies. The gods of Thylea can also be unforgiving. Disrespecting or doubting divine power will provoke native superstition. Rightly so—for persistent doubt could well bring down the wrath of the gods. Openly practicing an outsider religion will also make natives uncomfortable. Denying the validity of Thylean religions will make their devotees fearful of divine anger. Being stupid enough to rob or desecrate a Thylean temple will infuriate both the gods and their native worshippers. Where the gods are concerned, caution is always preferred. But provided that outsiders obey the rules of civilized behavior, mind their manners, and do not make rash statements or promises, they can make something of their lives in Thylea—and even thrive.

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