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(S18) The Ascent of The Colossus


We cut to Eurytus who had accompanied Euryale above ground for her date with Sullas. After helping her prepare by magicking a floral decoration he toured the city ending at the docks closely observing an octopus. This peaceful moment was shattered by wailing sounds coming from the Colossus Of Pythor. He instantly knew it was his companions. Approaching the statue he found a scene of devastation with statues shattered and a window that seemed remarkably out of place embedded in the bronze foot of the Colossus. He spotted one of his companions. Praxos had not only mollified the guards but finding a young captain he had met before, Demetrios, had managed to take charge and commanded them to circle the statue and close any possible exit points.

Joining the others in the Colossus, The Heroes of Thylea fought their way up, through devious traps and ruthless members of The Cult of the Snake, even convincing a few of the Minotaurs to give up and seek refuge in the Nest of the Forgotten and one joined them on their fight. Finally, they made their way to the head of the statue, finding a chamber decorated in a luxurious way with curtains enveloping it and most menacingly petrified victims, all of them appearing to be bards of some sort. Aella, The Whirlwind pulled a cord which moved the curtains to reveal mirrors lined upon the walls and the party curiously gazed at a large orb in the centre of the room. Before they could investigate further Margot, the second in command of Moxena, spoke from the outside of the head, telling the party that Unbekannt would speak to them when she wished and that they should be more curious about their own employers as she may not be the only monster in this particular story. The party lunged forward to grab her but she fled, rappelling down a see-through rope that led all the way to the Stygian Row. Rekken pursued but when she entered The Satyr's Tail he lost her among the hostile clientele.

Out of leads, they decided to stake out the dead drop they had seen The Cult of the Snake use. Seeking a place to lie low they entered The Siren's Roost, the local den of iniquities. Immediately, as is wont, their cover was blown when the proprietor recognised Aella, The Whirlwind. Leira was apparently quite close to Aella in the past and they withdrew into her office to talk. When Aella emerged she had secured free lodgings for the party but alas Rekken had already booked a night with a supposed son of Narsus who informed him that there was a rumour that the children who were given to Temple of Lutheria were not seen again.

Sleep came easy but was interrupted by Tryntia having a nightmare where she wandered among a destroyed Mytros and was attacked by a Manticore. When she awoke she informed everyone that she had to do something important. Following her, the party found itself in the Great Gardens, particularly in a garden behind the Observatory. Opening a secret entrance Tryntia was able to gain access to the Dragon Necropolis and performed a ritual which brought forth the birth of Unbekannt, the Bronze Dragon!

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