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(S07) Entering the Mithral Mines


The Heroes of Thylea one's started making their way up the Mithral Mountains. On the way, Volkan told the party how the The Mithral Forge fell.

Volkan: If I may tell you a tale as we march.
Kyrah: Volkan, is that wise?
Volkan: I am not the god of wisdom so I do not know. Regardles. The Mithral Forge was a key component of the victory of the Dragonlords over the armies of the Titans. The Dragonlords discovered this deposit of mithral and adamantine in the central mountain range of the new continent. For more than a decade, the mithral and adamantine was mined and used to forge weapons, armor, and magical artifacts for the mortal armies.

I suspect it was Lutheria that unleashed the terrible cerberus to destroy the forge and slaughter the miners. After it succeeded, the cerberus made a lair in the mines and began to spawn hundreds of two headed cerberii. The Dragonlords tried to retake the forge, but they were repeatedly driven back until they were forced to abandon it entirely.
That is how the mines fell. The reason I tell you this is that I worry. Your efforts so far have proven you are good fighters but to fight against hundreds of these creatures? An army would not be enough. I cannot aid you in this fight as the Cerberus is specifically a creature under Lutherias will. The oath of peace constrains me.
Kyrah: Yes, the situation is grim. But on the bright side if you all die I’ll make a really cool poem out of it.

The heroes preceded to a side entrance with Selene staying to assist Volkan with unblocking the mines central entrance. 

Soon, they came across an odd sight. Several harpies were attacking a group of Troglodytes, trying to steal their fish. The party decided to help the Trogs as they knew more of them awaited inside. This proved to be the case but open discovering two Centaur captives the party slaughtered quite a few of the Troglodytes in order to save them. This however, did not seem to faze their king Troggo who instead challenged the heroes to a battle of wits, with them successfully answering all his riddles.

  1. My mother I bring forth, she brings forth me:
    I'm sometimes greater, sometimes less than she.
    Night and day
  2. I look at you whene'er you look at me;
    You see but I see not; no sight have I;
    I speak but have no voice; your voice is heard;
    My lips can only open uselessly. 
    A reflection 
  3. I am a black child sprung from a bright sire,
    A wingless bird, fleeting to heaven from earth.
    Each eye that meets me weeps, but not from grief,
    And in thin air I vanish at my birth. 

He warned the party of the dangers ahead, of various Cockatriceand Cerberus roaming the mines first level. He also gave them the password to the Ellivaatour, a magical device which would take the party to the lower levels. The password was Дракон which is primordial for Dragon. He also beseeched them to clear out the hounds that roamed these halls as his people could not find food easily with them having taken over the mines.

The party rested for a bit in the disgusting Troglodyte caves then made their way north, finding several petrified two-headed Cerberii and avoiding the caverns where the Cockatrices lay. Finally, they found the famed Shaft and next to it the once dreaded and now dead Cerberus. Dispatching a few two-headed Cerberii the party readied themselves to descend.

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