1. Charaktere

Lucille Astora


Lucille Astora is a short blonde woman with a neutral expression most commonly referred to as the "Tea Cleric" by those who know her. Originally a part of an adventuring party she likes to refer to as "The Misfits", she spent five years travelling up and down the Sword Coast before reuniting with her former party mates, Jasques and Lucy, and joining up with the Hawthorne Guild.

She is prone to speaking her mind with very little hiding her intentions, primarily because she can't really lie. However, she can choose to not answer or have her way with words despite not really having the aptitude for it. There is also a side of irony when she mentions the cryptic words of the dead, given that she also speaks in a very cryptic manner.

Some Story Later (After having many introspective moments):

Lucille Astora was once known and feared as the phantom to her father and Red Wizard master, Ketir Astora, carrying out his will and that of the Red Wizards without a second thought. However, there had come a point where the prized assassin turned against the master and sided with his enemies instead.

During one of these events, Lucille came face to face with a Shadar-kai by the name of Shantelle and the two became rivals then friends after many encounters with attempting to thwart each other. Eventually, Lucille came to side with Shantelle and betrayed the Red Wizards and her father in disrupting their necromantic works. When this treachery was discovered however, Ketir Astora, being a man of necessity, logic, and ambition, allowed Lucille to be taken in and executed in Thay along after watching her siblings be beheaded before it was finally her turn.

Fate however decided otherwise. Through Lucille's encounter with Shantelle, she came to know of the formless being known as the Raven Queen, venerated by the Shadar-kai as a diety. Filled with regret and guilt over her life's decisions, Lucille begged the enigmatic deity to give her another chance at life in enchange for her memory and her loyalty. She could scarcely remember what happened after that, but the next thing she knew, she woke up with various remnant wounds upon her, as the Raven Queen did indeed bring her back to life, but not completely... The Raven Queen was not entirely a ruler of death, so while the deity did do as promised, Lucille returned as what could be described as a walking husk or a shell of her former self held together and bound by the shadowstuff that marked her as one of the Queen's agents. 

Also known as:

- Hawthorne's High Priest of the Raven Queen
- The Goth Cleric
- Champion of the Raven Queen

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