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Tides of Fate

-Campaign of Carnage-

The tides have risen, the storm is ongoing, and you are at the mercy of the wind. The Marrowspit Matron is dead, but this has allowed Mother Agaia to gain admission to the Coven of Second Zenith and join powers with Great Grandmother Lily and Honest Ethel. All while Nazeem and his Blended grow in number on the sea floor. As heavy as that all is, without an immediate lead, there is space to breath and mourn the fates of Dune, Alara, and Echo while pondering the question:

Who is the Fated Child? 

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Vicram of Pearlhome

"They got your message back home, The Hierarchy is sending ships. Until they get here and prove your innocence you must leave The Drift." -Ambassador Vicram to Silas "Bad Eye" Elaro

As the ambassador for The Hierarchy on The Drift, he and his entourage stayed mostly in the Coralspire Keep at the center of the city. Specifically in Northspire. A stern and political man, he offered assistance to The Wayward Crew on occasion due to a member being a decorated soldier for Perluxia, Silas "Bad Eye" Elaro, on missions that could be denied if necessary. 

When the Ash'lorath Orianna and her allies, including the soldier and his friends were framed for assassinating the Sea Baron and inciting a Stow rebellion, Vicram got them out of the city while he promised to work on clearing their name when Hierarchy ships arrive soon.

Charles of Silver Bay

"I will seize my destiny, Wee-Jas and Eadro both be damned" -Charles of Silver Bay


A young man of some noble birth, he was resentful of his older brother who was always the favorite in their parents eye. Hailing from the Kingdom of Terras on Perluxia, he stewed in his resentment until his older brother traveled to the colonies. This gave him a brief hope that he could now step into the light. His hope was quickly dashed as his parents still refused to acknowledge his true worth. 

This all changed when his parents were charged and executed for heresy against The Jasdian Faith, it seems the Jasdian Prefects found out about his father's collection of illegal necromancy texts. As the eldest son within Silver Bay, Charles became sole heir to the family estate. He sold it all to charter a ship and crew for an expedition to the Myriad Islands. There on one particular island he found a smudged ruby that he believed was a "Shard of the Nine". The translator told him, for a cheap price, that should he be able to stare into the shard, it could stair back into his soul and gift him the means to grasp his true destiny.

On the return trip a storm struck, wrecking the ship, Charles was the only survivor as he took the only functioning raft and left everyone else behind. A couple of days later he ended up at The Drift, where he sheltered among the Stows. Eventually he earned a bed by doing custodian work for a unsanctioned apothecary in Templetac Row. What time not spent cleaning, was used to attempt to clean the smudges of the Shard. To that end he stole a arcane book from The Order of the Observant Eye. Unfortunately the book was useless, in his frustration one night he cut himself on the edge of the shard. While wiping his blood from it, the smudge came clean as well. Finally he could find his destiny, just in time for the Halcyon Daysfestival.

It all went wrong though as he unwittingly released a monstrous fiend calling itself Meryl. He fled and hid in a closet hoping that it was all just delirium, never warning the others of what had transpired. The following nights, in lieu of making a deal with Charles, the creature fed off the sleeping patients. Inducing them with nightmares. When a pair of young Stormwatch soldiers burst in thinking they were busting a smuggling ring, Meryl killed a some patients transforming them into husk like zombies of their former selves. These creatures tore through the soldiers and other patients, turning more of them into the husks.

While all this occurred, Charles tried to escape but the way was barred. He spent two nights hold up with other survivors until a wayward crew of adventurers found and rescued them.

Unfortunately for Charles, his journal had been recovered by the adventurers and it detailed his reckless behavior that led to Meryl's appearance. One of the rescuers was a Jasdian Cleric, who until they could clear the rest of the apothecary of danger, bound and sealed Charles with the secret chamber in the back. Charles' fate has yet to be decided. So there he sits.

Born of the World Serpent before it split into Mershaulk, Shekinester, and Jazirian when it's blood from battle spilled onto an egg shaped Tear of Creation.

Semuanya is one of the progenitors of the lizardfolk tribes who often go to war with with the serpentine tribes.

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