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Tide is a fantasy setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. This resource is a work in progress, and more of the world gets fleshed out as the players visit new areas and meet new people.

The most fleshed out part of the setting is the continent of Tide. Tide forms part of The Known World – the parts of The Prime Material Plane which have been mapped and explored by mortals. The Tide Continental Map is a relatively complete map of the region.

Tide is a small continent in The Known World with a climate ranging from mild to cold; it is named Tide because of it’s varied and intricate coast-lines. Tide is north of Tabasamu La Miungu, and east of Rhak and Korona Morska.

The north of Tide is dominated by the Barrier Mountains and the icy wastelands of Thorne; to the west are Theder and Lagatpulgoruz; and to the east is Pauviel.

Political History

Summary Map

1385TR–1391TR (2647–2653)


1392TR (2654)

  • The city states of Cassari and Galath Serin join Pauviel, expanding the country out west
  • The Kingdom of Earion invades Hyljagren, imprisoning the monarchy and expanding their own rule

1393TR–1490TR (2655–2752)

  • An orc warlord, Dorr Vadok, rises to power and unites many Orc, Goblin, and Giant tribes
  • The Trúaburin Kingdom invades the Kingdom of Breiðrhag, expanding their territory
  • Roðinhag and the Svartrbjörn Kingdom push Montalle's borders back through force
  • The Kingdom of New Earion forms, with nobles splitting off from The Kingdom of Earion
  • Norvargr, a warrior tribe from Thorne, treats with The Kingdom of Earion, who allow them to settle in the north

1491TR–1493TR (2753–2755)

  • Dorr Vadok pushes his armies north to surround the dwarven city of Baldomhainn. He forces rebellious orc and goblin tribes south and west
  • The Thrávín Kingdom invades what remains of Montalle, House Montalle seek refuge in The Crynnan Kingdom
  • The Kingdom of Kerlinoslík treats with Fróveiðr, they join to bolster themselves against the threat of The Thrávín Kingdom

1494TR (2756)

  • Dorr Vadok sacks and wipes out the dwarven city of Baldomhainn. They push into the human kingdoms, taking most of the Skóglið Kingdom and Vestemere's lands. They divide the halfling communities of Mamwlad in half
  • Rebellious orc and goblin tribes in the south manage to push back Dorr Vadok's advances, reversing the tide in the lower peninsulas

1494TR (2756)

  • The Skóglið Kingdom and Vestemere are lost, with people fleeing into The Kingdom of Earion
  • Wernheim Trúadólg, leader of the Trúaburin Kingdom, proposes an alliance of humans to defeat Dorr Vadok. All kingdoms agree to an alliance apart from New Earion, Norvargr, and Oustwick. This later became Konungdómr

1495TR (2757)

  • Konungdómr push west, their combined might able to break Dorr Vadok's front-lines
  • Rebellious orc and goblin tribes continue to gain ground against Dorr Vadok in the south
  • Dorr Vadok abandons the west, recognising a need to bolster the war in the east
  • Norvargr and Oustwick take some lands from the new alliance while their armies are focused elsewhere

1OK (2758)

  • Konungdómr push further and take one of the southern peninsulas, and Wernheim Trúadólg slays Dorr Vadok
  • With their leader dead, Dorr Vadok's armies disband rapidly

2OK–5OK (2759–2762)

  • The leaders of the Konungdómr meet and discuss a continuation of the alliance. Wernheim Trúadólg as the king of the new larger kingdom
  • Konungdómr absorbs Norvargr and pushes their border further west, chasing the remains of Dorr Vadok's army
  • In 5OK (2762), Wernheim Trúadólg dies and his daughter Geldhem takes the throne
No map for this period

6OK (2763)


7OK–21OK (2764–2778)

  • Over years of bloody war, Pauviel pushes back and regainst their territory
  • New Earion and Oustwick sieze the opportunity to expand
  • The communities of Mamwlad are allowed to rejoin each other carving out a small part of Konungdómr
  • The nomadic orc, goblin, and giant tribes in the west are allowed to grow and spread by the distracted human kingdom
  • In 21OK (2778), Pauviel and Geldhem Trúadólg sign a treaty to end the war

22OK–550OK (2779–3307)

  • Konungdómr and Pauviel gain in power over the course of 500 years of relative peace
  • New Earion agrees to join Konungdómr in exchange for aid in pushing back the tribes and barbarians of Thorne
  • Oustwick cedes lands to Konungdómr in exchange for remaining an independent state
  • The dwarven city of Siginbar is founded in the mountains near Konungdómr's borders
  • Konungdómr develops a navy and claims islands around the west coast of Tide. It mounts unsuccessful attacks on the continent of Rhak

551OK–499UN (3308–4097)

TODO fill out some more history here!

500UN–549UN (4098–4147)

  • A time of peace between most of the factions across Tide.

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Great Temple of Forod Eska
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Lancetide City Library
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Lancetide Catacombs
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Unmentioned Entities

Westgate Town Hall
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Odaxi's Field Reports: 495UN-04-18
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Odaxi's Field Reports: 495UN-04-22
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A Letter to Katherine
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The Antaur Rangers
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Guild of Signwriters
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The Sealing of Katuasakona
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