Kanka vs WorldAnvil

Exploring the Worldbuilding Wonders: Why Kanka.io Outshines WorldAnvil

Feature/AspectKanka.io Free TierWorldAnvil Free Tier
Number of Campaigns/WorldsUnlimited campaigns - manage multiple projects effortlesslyTwo worlds - restricted without upgrade
Entities/ArticlesUnlimited entities per campaign - ample room for detailsLimited to 42 articles per world
CollaborationCollaboration is part of our DNA - perfect for team projectsNo collaboration - limited to single user updates
MapsUnlimited maps but with lower upload limit and limited customizationTwo basic maps - interactive maps require paid plan
Calendars & TimelinesCreate calendars & timelines - track events and timelinesNo access - requires paid plan
Public/Private OptionsPublic and private campaigns - flexibility in sharingPublic worlds only - privacy requires paid plan
Storage LimitsUnlimited free storage with limits on upload sizeLimited storage - additional storage requires payment
Advanced FeaturesMany essential features included - start building without restrictionsAll advanced features locked behind paywall
Community EngagementGrowing community - active support and engagementStrong community - well-established but competitive
User InterfaceClean and simple - easy to navigate and useComplex interface - steeper learning curve for new users
Ease of UseHigh - intuitive and user-friendlyModerate to high - powerful but complex
Pricing for Paid PlansTiered pricing with budget-friendly optionsTiered with much higher pricing
Export/Import OptionsBoth, but import requires subscriptionOnly export
API and IntegrationsStable API available - good for developersAPI in Beta with limited REST support