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Votacions comunitàries

Els usuaris que fan suport a Kanka ajuden a modelar l'evolució de l'app a través de les freqüents votacions comunitàries.

Votacions recents

August 2022
juliol 26, 2022
July 2022
juny 23, 2022
May 2022
abril 23, 2022
April 2022
març 24, 2022
March 2022
febrer 28, 2022

Votacions comunitàries actives

End of 2022

setembre 26, 2022
Help us decide if we should improve maps, the marketplace, or posts!

Votacions comunitàries tancades

August 2022

juliol 26, 2022
Should we focus working on quick links, filters, or quest elements during August?

July 2022

juny 23, 2022
Should be focus on the marketplace, the quick creator, or advanced mentions?

May 2022

abril 23, 2022
Should we focus our efforts this month on Posts, Dashboard Widgets, or Calendar features?

April 2022

març 24, 2022
Three big new features to chose from. Alerts on specific entity changes? Number attributes with live updates, or custom sidebars?

March 2022

febrer 28, 2022
Should we allow characters to have multiple families, allow the quick creator to bulk create entities, or make timeline elements pre-fill the date field?

February 2022

gener 27, 2022
Should we make the css editor better, create a user profile page, or improve the workflow of new entities in Kanka?

January 2022

desembre 29, 2021
Filters on attributes, entity aliases, or two factor authentication for your account?

December 2021

novembre 24, 2021
Filters on attributes, organisation members pinning, or a new interface for recent changes to the campaign?

November 2021

octubre 25, 2021
Focusing on fixing the entity layouts!

October 2021

setembre 23, 2021
Giving previous options another chance to be added to Kanka!

September 2021

agost 27, 2021
For September, we have three spicy options for you to vote from! Do you want a campaign relations interface, @ mentions in attributes, or bulk transforming entities?

August 2021

juliol 25, 2021
PDF export redesign, marketplace improvements, or gallery tags? You decide!

July 2021

juny 23, 2021
Relation explorer improvements, editing warning, and role permissions on entity notes.

May 2021

abril 25, 2021
Calendars, Editing warning, and Abilities

April 2021

març 24, 2021
Marketplace content packs, Calendars, and more Dashboard widget options!

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