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Took me a day of walking to reach the Keep. Since a lone dwarf is bound to attract unwanted attention, I've banded with few individuals I've met along the way: Krel, Kaiden, and Timur.

So far they've costed me more than I've gained, but as my patron often says "Utlaf, you gotta give to get!" Can't argue with the wisdom of one of the richest dwarves that I know! After all, he was the one who funded this expedition of mine.

Either way, we spent our first evening at the Keep poking around. Here is some information I found relevant:

  • Bailiff offers 30 GP per hairy hand of some creatures that are bothering them. They are supposedly residing in caves by the Darkwoods.
  • Guild master might be offering bounties for returning missing merchants.
  • There are different clans of monsters that fight each other.

Dunix, a young, but capable boy in bailiff's service has taken us through Darkwoods, and to the caves. Alas, my talkative friends managed to insult him so he did not wish to join us further. And maybe that was for the better, since the only cave we explored was inhabited by a massive, obese, humanoid creature that was seemingly capable only of burping and roaring.

We left a rudimentary trip-wire in front of its lair… have I wasted my rope and stakes? Either way, there was a poorly disguised secret passageway that we did not get to explore since we were interrupted by previously described blob of flesh.

Return to the keep was uneventful, and I paid the boy in full. Perhaps I could spend more time with him, as it seems we might require more of his services.

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