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I wish I had known adventuring included so much hiking before my hips went out. I admit… looking into that forest, I can’t help but think fondly on my accounting career. A warm fire every night. People to greet. Children laughing. The Yeoldelands are, well, not that. Everyone is able here. And the bartender only ever sees half the faces in the evening that he sees in the morning! It’s dreadful.

But I must push on. I met a few companions on the road and we decided to make a run of it. Utlaf has been most kind, indeed, and is more agreeable than most Dwarves I’ve met. Even if he is a little hard headed, he paid for our stay at the inn! There’s also an odd bald fellow - Kaiden - who talks gibberish. I suspect he’s probably an idiot, but I see crumbs of wisdom there. Maybe there’s more to him than I know. Then there’s Krel, who seems to be a reasonable enough fellow. I think I will get along with him just fine.

Just now - I just heard something! A breaking of a twig outside? I’m getting paranoid. There’s something out there. Hairy beasts in the trees and on the road. The bailiff said they come from black tunnels in the valley face. He’s offering 30 gold for each slain, so we’ve hired a guide to take us there. I’m playing a young man’s game, but I feel younger than I every have before! Let’s hope my bones can keep up!

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