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High inquisitor, glorious news! I have discovered a potential ally to the faith in these dark lands beyond the blackened forests of this town. In our first expedition my companions and I happened upon a valley on the behest of a local bailiff regarding “hair creatures” possibly responsible for the disappearance of some local merchants. In our search we discovered a cave in this valley (The second among a series at ground level, several of which appeared to be smoking.) The initial search of this cave appeared to be in vain until we discovered the sleeping arrangements of a large humanoid creature. Though we initially feared for our lives it seemed open to negotiation and simply asked us to leave. Though their mane was not particularly well kept I believe that this creature could know more about the surrounding area as well as the possible fate of the merchants we now chase. If communication is possible I may have discovered a new follower for the saint of locks herself to bless with glorious growth. I will update you when we once again parlay with this creature, hopefully another glorious and peaceful endeavour though a bribe of food may be required.

May the tress of her lady comfort your footsteps


Creat per Idle Doodler el fa 1 any. Última modificació per Idle Doodler el fa 9 mesos

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