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Though it wears the face and form of Captain Magwroth, the commander of this fleet is an elemental being of pure destructive energy. It now occupies Magwroth’s flesh, with the mind and soul of the captain imprisoned inside an elemental drudge.

The crew of Devourer’s Hand and the other mortal-built ships of the fleet likewise consist of creatures that have been possessed by elemental forces. A ritual transforms a living humanoid into a Chaos Fleet sailor, then creates an elemental drudge empowered by the mortal’s soul. The ice and stone vessels are crewed by archons, demons, and other elemental creatures.

For the moment, “Magwroth” seems content to attack and raid lone vessels. However, the ships and crews he destroys are taken under his control, and so the Chaos Fleet has begun to grow. In time, Magwroth could threaten not just the Lhazaar Principalities but all of coastal Khorvaire. Only then might his ultimate objective become clear: to destroy all life.

From a distance, the captain resembles the half-elf Magwroth, but on closer inspection, the facade falls. The elemental’s gaping wounds reveal burning fire racing like blood beneath its skin. Ugly bulges mar its flesh, tearing open as it moves to reveal icy protrusions beneath. Lightning dances within its pupils, and a dark smoke hisses from its blackened teeth and lips.

Heat and the smell of smoke fills the air. The long passages are dimly lit and coated with soot, and the inhabitants are dour folk focused on their work.

Blackbones is located under Tavick’s Landing, and stretched west toward the center of Sharn. In most respects it is similar to Ashblack; it is slightly newer, and the corridors are a little wider and better lit. Like Ashblack, there are a considerable number of warforged laborers in this district, and a few businesses have sprung up around these constructs.

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