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The most powerful cleric in Korth is Prelate Alinda Roerith, unless a high priest of the Blood of Vol is in the city on some secret errand. Roerith remained in Korth throughout the Cyran siege in the early 970s YK, heedless of her own safety as she healed fallen defenders atop the walls. Accordingly, she’s one of the city’s greatest heroes.

Roerith urges followers of the Sovereign Host to oppose the Blood of Vol whenever possible. She sees the cult as a rival faith capable of stealing followers of the Sovereign Host. Like most in Karrnath, she sees the Blood of Vol as a nothing more than an ancient cult devoted to bloodline, heritage, and the mysteries of death.

Every rule has its exception, and Torchfire’s reputation for lowbrow entertainment is broken by Gailan’s. The model of the restaurant and dinner theater (copied extensively in Middle Menthis particularly) originated with the innovation of Gailan Uthran (N male half-orc expert 7), who felt he could put on better shows if the audiences had something to do besides heckle the performers. His idea has clearly worked, and performing in Gailan’s is now the dream of every chorus member in Ten Torches—the first step toward a successful musical career.

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