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The Man to Hold it Together
Level: 20.0


Grettir Borkell is a warrior at heart. Fighting alongside Bill in the NCR, Grettir has seen lesser men succumb to cowardice and die off- while the strong survive. Quickly growing closer in their Brotherhood, Bill taught Grettir much of what he knows: Guns, Survival, and Fighting. However, Grettir's own interests and upbringing had already laid a solid foundation for these teachings.

Starting early on in his life, Grettir had a fascination with Norse Mythology and especially the warriors who always seemed to be fighting for more than simply victory on the battlefield. Growing older Grettir joined the NCR military and met Bill who became one of his closet friends and mentors. 

Once Grettir heard the news of his friend's death, he was so moved, he retired from the NCR to search out the cause of his friend's death and to seek out the last of his master's life lessons...

Creat per Fire Life el fa 1 any. Última modificació per Jacob el fa 1 any

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