Hello. We haven't officially met yet. Or perhaps we have? It’s difficult to know when and where you’ve been in your own journeys at this point in time, but either way I’m sure that I reached out to you with very good reason. That reason being your support is needed. Your gifts make you one of a select few perfect for the task at hand...

This is my journal, featuring a written history of travels beyond. All manner of locales are showcased within. The weird, the wonderful, and of course the dangerous. The strangest and most beautiful creatures you’ve ever seen. Some of the best, but also the worst peoples. Nations fighting to survive, those daring to strive, and all inbetween. Technology you have only dreamed of up to now. Did I forget the magic?..

Oh, but I should probably introduce myself. I’ve gone by many names in many worlds, but one has always stuck that I liked. You can refer to me simply as… the Wayfarer, and I suppose you now too are a fellow Wayfarer, or Wayfarers. Wait, perhaps that name never referred to just me all along?..

Seldom would I get directly involved in the affairs of each world’s problems, but my hope is that by the aid of my notes you will be able to do exactly that. Use the knowledge contained to help the inhabitants of each world including your own. Threats can be found everywhere, even where they may not be immediately at first clear. Plenty scheme to shift the balance of power, and you are now best equipped to prevent that...

This is: the Wayfarer’s Compendium.


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