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  1. Indrets


Large Port City


A large port city that serves as an access point for the country. 


  • Approximately 13000; mostly elf, some human and half-elf.


  • Governance of the city is shared by several legendary adventurers and a court of aristocrats

Notable Places:

  • The Foolish Trickster II: A large adventurer's inn, built atop an outcrop of hewn and rune-carved stone. Its name comes from being a perfect duplicate of The Foolish Trickster, another inn on the other side of town that had burned down.

Armorer's Farthing

Notable Places:

  • Mira's Blades: The workshop of a female elf weaponsmith named Mira, who was once an adventurer, but retired after her companions were corrupted by an Aberrant God.
  • The Shrine of Avaija: A stone niche enshrining an idol of Avaija Goddess of Fertility

Brightbell Village

Notable Places:

Charger's Farthing

Notable Places:

Worker's Village

Notable Places:

Dukescourt Ward

Notable Places:

  • An ancient obelisk of sapphire, placed to mark the Battle of Barad Vacla.
  • Vetla's Pottery: The workshop of a female elf potter named Vetla, who was once a great wizard, but stumbled into a fortune and retired.
  • The Wench's Cellar: An elegant dwarven tavern, kept by a dwarf named Ninu.

Grove Farthing

Notable Places:

  • Mila's Forge: A modest blacksmith's workshop, built atop an outcrop of volcanic rock.
  • The Convergence: A large building of stone walls, once a minor temple. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared amongst several local merchant guilds.

Grove Domain

Notable Places:

  • Zbora's Armaments: A large weaponsmith's workshop, decorated with a collection of sundered shields.
  • A broken column of dark stone, placed to honor a local Goddess of Luck.

Iron Piers

Notable Places:

Orchard Village

Notable Places:

  • The Shrine of Zuzen: A cauldron lamp enshrining the flame of Zuzen, God of Justice, said to reveal visions to those who leave an offering.

Palace Borough

Notable Places:

  • Lava's Armaments: A neglected weaponsmith's workshop, decorated with a collection of exotic scales.
  • The Shrine of Dia: A bronze statue of Dia, Goddess of Love, said to be sometimes visited by the goddess herself.

Scholar's Sect

Notable Places:

  • A spire of rune-carved stone, said to entomb a relic of Thana, Goddess of Death. 

Temple Borough

Notable Places:

  • The Empyrean House: A two-storey timber and brick theatre, home of a thieves' guild pretending to be magicians.
  • Soba's Casting: A two-storey timber and brick building, the workshop of a female elf founder named Soba. She has been cursed by a hag, and every pendant she casts makes all those who see it more susceptible to magical charms and compulsions.

Tome Sect

Notable Places:

  • The Crossed Spears: A large commoner's inn, decorated with wards against vampires.
  • Shieldhome: A two-storey stone-walled building, the home of a female elf explorer named Brada. Its walls are covered with shields, said to be those of the warriors slain by the monster Azunnar. It is also said that the monster's hoard still lies buried beneath the building.
  • Ronka's Masonry: The workshop of a female elf stonemason named Ronka, who is rumored to be quarrying stone from a cursed ruins.

Tower Market

Trident Pier

Notable Places:

Tunnel Market

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