Summer of 2023

Dear Kanka subscribers,

We've now made it through half of 2023, meaning it's time for another community vote.

Marketplace generators

Our first feature idea is to add a new category in the marketplace called generators. This would allow people for example to create a list of 30 "character types" like "medieval job titles". Then a campaign with that generator would get a "random" button next to the type field on a character's form to get a random value from that list. We'd expand it to a few other fields like name and personality traits.

Post type

This option would allow setting a "render type" for posts, which would render a subpage of the entity instead of the post's entry. For example, you could have the attributes or relations of an entity visible directly on its overview.

Live-edit pinned attributes

Lastly, this option would expand live-editable attributes to pinned attributes. On the overview of an entity, pinned attributes would be able to be updated individually without having to go and edit the whole entity. This option would also have us re-design the live attributes from a popup to enabling the field to render directly in the view, making it faster to update. Marketplace character sheets would have an option to enable this new option to avoid breaking existing character sheets.

Random generator marketplace plugins
Post type rendering
Live-edit pinned attributes

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Voting lasted from June 25, 2023 until July 2, 2023

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