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Famous Battles ⚔️

Famous Battles ⚔️

november 16 2021 - november 30 2021

Welcome to our second event of November 2021!

This time around, we want you to know about a famous battle that happened in your world. Was it against a powerful foe and the underdog won thanks to the intervention of a deity? Did it end in a stalemate after sixteen years because each side ran out of pies to throw at the other? Did each side's champion end the battle with a wicked game of wyvern chess? We want to know the cause, outcome and ramifications of the famous battle that the bards sing about decades after it happened!

As previously the winner will not only have the right to be on the jury for the next contest, but will also get the Wordsmith Discord role and will have their campaign featured on our featured campaigns list for a month!

We look forward to seeing your submissions 😊

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