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Darrenstinian "Ren" Bloodmoon

Player Character


Ren has been raised on stories of his family in the Imperial Watch enough that he wants to be the kind hero his Great Grandfather was.  He was able to use his great grandfather’s name to actually get into the Watch, but quickly felt disheartened.  No one seemed to really care about justice like his great grandfather.  Add to this the mocking that he often receives being a mix of two "lesser" races, and Ren quit the Watch.  He probably would have happily joined the Vigilants except he has been many stories from the Watch and his family that do not paint them in a good light. Now that he is no longer with the Watch, Ren tries to work as a kind of vigilante in the poorer districts like the Warrens, hoping the Watch will notice his good work and ask him to come back.

Ren has been sheltered by his family's above average status and shaped by their stories which makes him a little naïve on how things work in the real world.  He also tends to be a little clumsy (He tends to break cobblestones when dropping his mace.)  Despite his size and appearance he is absolute rubbish at intimidation and persuasion.  Still, he is driven in the pursuit of justice, and is more than okay with bending the rules to see it done.  He considers himself heroic, aiding those that need it and helping them find justice too.  Despite being actually less than half elvish, he tends to take after that side of his family in his looks.  He is tall with long lanky hair and skinny for someone of orc blood, although still well muscled.  He could possibly be considered attractive if one also liked green skin and prominent canine teeth.


Art by Anna Peintner.

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