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Abyssal Debilitation



Your character has reached out to the Abyss, exposing her soul and Pattern to its corruption. All damage she suffers for this Condition’s duration is resistant; suffer a one-die penalty to all rolls. Increase this cumulative penalty by one die for each additional befouled spell she casts. Decrease the penalty by one at the end of each chapter; if it’s reduced to 0, the Condition fades without resolution. While the mage suffers this Condition, casting a spell without befouling it requires a successful reflexive Resolve + Composure roll, which also takes the Abyssal Debilitation penalty.

Roll Results

Success: The mage casts the spell without befouling it.

Exceptional Success: The mage casts the spell without befouling it, and resolves this Condition.

Failure: The mage must attempt to befoul the spell.

Dramatic Failure: As failure. In addition, the Rabashakim cannot attempt to control any Paradox the spell generates, and the Abyss claims her immediately, transforming her into a Nasnas (p. 92). This resolves Abyssal Debilitation.

Resolution: Exceptional success or dramatic failure to avoid befouling a spell, as above. Beats earned through this Condition are Arcane Beats.

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