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Aetheric Winds (Prime •••)



Aetheric Winds (Prime •••)

Practice: Weaving
Primary Factor: Potency
Suggested Rote Skills: Athletics, Expression, Occult

The mage calls forth a bare fraction of the howling fury of the Aether, scouring her subject with shrieking winds. This is an attack spell, inflicting bashing damage equal to Potency.

+1 Reach: The winds of this spell stick around after casting, cre- ating a Heavy Winds Environmental Tilt in the immediate vicinity.

+1 Reach: In lieu of damage, the mage may assign Potency to instead destroy the target’s Mana. One level of Potency so assigned destroys one point of Mana, and Potency may be freely split between Mana destruction and damage.

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