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Accelerate Growth (Life ••••)



Accelerate Growth (Life ••••)

Practice: Patterning
Primary Factor: Duration
Withstand: Stamina
Suggested Rote Skills: Animal Ken, Medicine, Science

With this spell a mage can greatly accelerate the growth of a living being. The subject’s growth rate doubles for each level of Potency. At Potency 5, the subject grows 32 times faster than normal — a human infant would reach adulthood in a little over half a year, if the spell’s Duration lasts long enough. When the spell expires, the subject returns to its actual age. The targets gain no life experience beyond that which they undergo during the spell’s Duration, so a human child made into an adult by means of this spell will likely behave as a child unless other magic helps him learn quickly, and the mage or someone else sees fit to teach him. If the subject exceeds its natural lifespan, it dies of old age.

+1 Reach: When the spell’s Duration lapses, its effects wear off at an even greater rate than they took hold, rapidly de-aging the subject within a matter of minutes. This places great stress on the mind and body of the target, requiring a Stamina roll to avoid falling into an induced coma for a number of days equal to Potency. Subjects that have been aged to death do not return to life when they de-age, instead appearing to be their original age and yet having died of natural causes.

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