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Aquul has been the name given to this Prime plane for eons. Etymology suggests that it was named from aquae, given that the plane is mostly comprised of water. The world is rich in culture but lacking in species, backwards when compared to more diverse places such as Sigil. The entire plane has yet to be mapped fully.

Originally, Aquul was occupied only by humans. Every species that has come to it since is considered non-native, though some have lived here long enough to consider it their home.

One celestial body, known as the Sun, sits high in the daytime to provide natural light to the inhabitants. Two moons, Awwal and Thaanian, frequent the evening sky. There is rumoured to be a fourth major celestial body - a hidden moon - but the Archivist Guild rejects the theory until it is proven.

The continents of Aquul constantly drift, as if living by their own volition, and distances between them can vary drastically. For example, although their rough direction stays the same from one another, travel time from Antis to Tis tends to take anywhere between a few days to many months. Magical teleportation is, therefore, a far more accurate way of travelling between continents.

There are only three explored continents, with a recently rediscovered fourth (Alqarr, so Resha Daletha has named it). They are as follows, in size order:

Antis, the largest of the continents. Split between Ethona and the Salandia Wastes, this continent contains a leader that rivals Queen Daletha for the Sun Throne.

Alqarr, the original homeland of most of the inhabitants of Tis. It was abandoned a long time ago when some unknown calamity ('the great Storms of Vengeance') washed the continent clean of life. It has been rediscovered to the south-east of Tis.

Tis, where the original descendants of House Malik currently live. The continent is split between the natives that live on the Tis Mainland, and those that fled Alqarr who live on Margul.

Eula, the smallest known continent of Aquul. The majority of the surface is frozen wastes, and it is said to have once housed Cha-hac until its recent awakening. Eula is to the north of all other continents, and its occupants do not indulge in magical transportation.

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