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February 2022

январь 27, 2022

January's community vote, which saw two options neck and neck, ended up having both released together. Hopefully this month has a clearer winner ;-)

CSS editor

This option would load the codemirror css editor when working on a boosted campaign's themes, as well as adding some links and resources for users new to CSS.

User profile

This option would create a new public profile page. We want to showcase worldbuilding prompts that the user was awarded for, links to the user's marketplace plugins, and special "awards" that we would give users for their help in making Kanka better.

New related entity workflow

When creating or editing a new entity, say a character, the "family" field has a small plus which only allows setting a name. This option would replace that interface with the quick entity creator, allowing you to set more fields and overall have more control on the newly created entity.

Codemirror css editor
New user profile page
Improve the new entity workflow

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Голосование проходило с январь 27, 2022 по Гринвичу до февраль 3, 2022 по Гринвичу.

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