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The world just keeps on turning, and civilization has marched ever-forward for ten thousand years. The age of information is only just beginning, and humanity trembles at the precipice of the two-thousandth year of its Common Era. This is the time we find ourselves in. The West is declining, but still drunk on innovation and profit. The rich get richer and the poor don’t notice. Hysteria, both fearful and ecstatic, grips the United States of America. The nation, the world, is bursting with opportunity. Opportunity to propel humanity to new heights of reason. Opportunity to crush people and wring every last ounce of value out of them. All of this and more, just for the end of the year 1999.

Now, narrow it down. Fall from the heights, sink deep into the choked atmosphere. Find a city. Clogged with people, clogged with filth, and bursting at the seams. Yet, it’s more than a little eager to suck another poor soul in. Scrape the surface and find people, wriggling like maggots and subsisting off of the rotten city’s flesh. Plunge deeper, into the puss and muck. Beware the monsters. The parasites and pathogens that plague the city. Plunge deeper, find the beating heart of it all. Power, surging outward, but still smothered. Claim it, or someone else will.

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