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Adventurer's Handbook


Welcome new adventurer here you will find the collection of our homebrew rules. The rules written here supersede any official material and should be considered the main source of rules for the community.  We also have a wide variety of "out of session" activities you can do! Check Leveling Up for information on how to gain levels in the community. Check Between Adventures and Spending Downtime Days for how to get magic items and gold with your downtime days. 

See Combat for anything we might do different. (For instance we have a +2 to hit flanking rule.)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Todo Stuff

This is the list of stuff the Adventurer's Handbook needs to be completed, if you are interested in helping complete these sections its worth downtime days! Contact Isaac in discord.

- Enchanting needs to be defined and documented as a sub note to Spending Downtime Days.

- Races page needs added, with each playable race as sub note.

- Classes page needs added with all playable classes as sub note.

- Add classes to table of contents.

- Add races to table of contents.

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