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Viceroy Maverick of Visia (Capital) is the current ruler of Visia, appointed by Emperor Alistair Sonnique upon his conquering of Visia on the 4th Soldus of Bloodmas 1AR. Maverick was reportedly born on the 2nd Waredus of Huntswax 34BA, though nothing about his family is known.

Though apparently unrelated, Maverick was the sole benficiary of Mistress Irme Sai upon her death, receiving her vast fortune and slave holdings. He set about building his business empire, quickly becoming renowned for the quality of training and the obedience of his slaves. He is almost always accompanied by his Неизвестно, Coral, and Неизвестно, Carter. Exactly how many slaves Maverick owned throughout Visia is unknown.

Following the Emperor Malik's death, and the raids that swept Visia to return many of those captrued and enslaved during the war, Maverick found her held a sizable monopoly over the remaining slaves in Visia, taking up residence in the Visian Palace.

Maverick is now overseeing the Devolvement of Non-Consensual Slavery in Visia as well as ruling over Visia on Emperor Alistair Sonnique's behalf. Despite this, Maverick continues to own a large quantity of supposedly consenting slaves, which is a matter of much controversy.

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