Vigilants are followers of Kolrehs as the aspect of the Divine Judge. Other Kolrehsans consider them to be a tolerated sect. They can be found in most major towns and cities serving as a city watch and judges, maintaining peace and law. Even some smaller communities may have one or two Vigilants to help keep the peace.

The Vigilants can be paternalistic, and can appear to be stifling, condescending, and even domineering. Some followers are eager to tell people what to think and how to think. Others are more open-minded, and may have their own methods of finding justice.

Vigilants don't build churchs as much as they build prisons, courthouses, and watchtowers. These places serve as places of worships as much as any shrine or temple. The holy text of the Vigilants, the Edict of Law, usually sits in a public place inside their building. It's main tenet is to pursue justice tempered by wisdom and mercy.

In the city of Sentra, the Vigilants serve alongside the Imperial Watch.  The Watch is the overarching organization that enforces the laws, and the Vigilants run the court system and investigate Crime.  However, there are Vigilant lawkeepers that tend to patrol areas the Watch does not.  Vigilants that are on duty wear a baldric over their shoulder that shows their holy symbol.

Vigilants are sometimes referred to as Blue Belts in reference to their baldric, or Vidgies if someone wants to be more insulting.


Vigilant art by the author using Midjourney. Symbol art by the author.

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