Continued from Session 14: Entombment.

Tor'in, Meriel, and Ren hurried from the Rattlestone mausoleum of House Nimbria to the Tradefair Seat of Law. They wanted to bring back reinforcements and retrieve the Bane they stashed before Hammerfall returned. Alcor and Oak stayed behind to keep an eye on the mausoleum.

After arriving in Tradefair, they got some help from Serjeant Crow who rounded up a few cadets and a pair of Vigilant carriages. With Tor'in giving directions, they speedily returned to the mausoleum and loaded up the carriages with two large sacks of Bane each. After gathering Oak and Alcor, they made their way back south to Tradefair.

On the return trip, the group noticed two carriages with crossbowmen on top catching up to them from behind. Meriel attempted to spook their horses with a homemade flashpowder bomb. Ren smashed one of the drivers, killing the Hammerfall driver and sending him flying off the carriage. Without a proper driver, the carriage quickly fell behind.

As the cadets gave poor directions to Alcor and Serjeant Crow, Tor'in slashed at a passing lamppost, causing it to fall over and block the street. The second Hammerfall carriage was unable to get around in time, and they too were soon left behind. The two Vigilant carriages returned safely back to the Seat of Law with the contraband Bane.

Continued in Session 16: Action and Dialogue

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Carriage chase art by Grant Hillier. Crossbowman art by DevBurmak. Art modified by the author.

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