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Clothing in Thylea is heavily inspired by a mixture of garments worn throughout wide periods of time during Ancient Greece and Rome. 

While styles vary from the islands to the cities of Mytros and Aresia, overall Thyleans tend to wear two pieces of clothing draped about the body: an undergarment (a chiton or peplos) and a cloak (himation or chlamys). 

Clothing is made from natural fibres (with linen being the most common and wool being worn for the cold), worn loose-fitting and free flowing, customarily secured with minimal cutting and sewing, instead making use of ornamental clasps, pins, belts, or girdles. Pieces are largely interchangeable between men and women, but are worn at different heights (ie. men tend to wear clothing that tapers at their knees, while women often wear their robes to their ankles).

  • Chiton - The chiton was a simple tunic garment of lighter linen and usually pleated that was worn by all ages and genders.  It consisted of a wide, rectangular tube of material secured along the shoulders and lower arms by a series of fasteners. Chitons typically fall to the ankles of the wearer, but shorter chitons were sometimes worn during vigorous activities by ahletes or warriors.
  • Pelos - A body length, dress-like garment worn by women. 


  • Himation (Achiton) - A mantle or wrap worn by men and women, typically over a chiton or pelos, similar to a cloak or shawl. 
  • Chalamys - A seamless rectangle of woolen material worn for military or hunting purposes. It is meant to be worn as a cloak and is fastened at the right shoulder with a brooch or button. The chlamys is typical military attire. 
  • Toga - Many variations of toga exist. Men and boys typically wear togas that are short-sleeved or sleeveless, and women and girls tend to wear longer sleeved tunic versions. On formal occasions, adults may wear a woolen toga draped over a tunic. 
  • Tunics - Tunics worn in Thylea are similar to chitons and are considered variations of the garment. A person’s tunic is typically decorated at the hem-line, often with a representation of the city where the wearer lives. Tunics are popular in all manner of dyed colours. 
  • Undergarments - Women often wore a strophion, similar to a bra, under their garments and around the mid-portion of their body. The strophion was a wide band of wool or linen wrapped across the breasts and tied between the shoulder blades. Women could also wear a shawl called an epiblema.  Men and women sometimes wore triangular loincloths, called perizoma. 
  • Footwear - While going barefoot is not unheard of, sandals, shoes, and boots are typical for most Thyleans. Footwear is typically made of leather, and occasionally of felt, smooth cloth, or wood. 
  • Ornaments and Accessories - Wreaths, tainia, headbands, and various other means of headwear are common amongst Thyleans, both as fashion statements, and for keeping ones hair up in the hot weather.  Brooches, clasps, and other pins are very common, meant both to affix chitons and other garments, but also as a means of accessorizing. Accessories provide a means of displaying taste and in some cases, wealth.

We cut to Eurytus who had accompanied Euryale above ground for her date with Sullas. After helping her prepare by magicking a floral decoration he toured the city ending at the docks closely observing an octopus. This peaceful moment was shattered by wailing sounds coming from the Colossus Of Pythor. He instantly knew it was his companions. Approaching the statue he found a scene of devastation with statues shattered and a window that seemed remarkably out of place embedded in the bronze foot of the Colossus. He spotted one of his companions. Praxos had not only mollified the guards but finding a young captain he had met before, Demetrios, had managed to take charge and commanded them to circle the statue and close any possible exit points.

Joining the others in the Colossus, The Heroes of Thylea fought their way up, through devious traps and ruthless members of The Cult of the Snake, even convincing a few of the Minotaurs to give up and seek refuge in the Nest of the Forgotten and one joined them on their fight. Finally, they made their way to the head of the statue, finding a chamber decorated in a luxurious way with curtains enveloping it and most menacingly petrified victims, all of them appearing to be bards of some sort. Aella, The Whirlwind pulled a cord which moved the curtains to reveal mirrors lined upon the walls and the party curiously gazed at a large orb in the centre of the room. Before they could investigate further Margot, the second in command of Moxena, spoke from the outside of the head, telling the party that Неизвестно would speak to them when she wished and that they should be more curious about their own employers as she may not be the only monster in this particular story. The party lunged forward to grab her but she fled, rappelling down a see-through rope that led all the way to the Stygian Row. Rekken pursued but when she entered The Satyr's Tail he lost her among the hostile clientele.

Out of leads, they decided to stake out the dead drop they had seen The Cult of the Snake use. Seeking a place to lie low they entered The Siren's Roost, the local den of iniquities. Immediately, as is wont, their cover was blown when the proprietor recognised Aella, The Whirlwind. Leira was apparently quite close to Aella in the past and they withdrew into her office to talk. When Aella emerged she had secured free lodgings for the party but alas Rekken had already booked a night with a supposed son of Narsus who informed him that there was a rumour that the children who were given to Temple of Lutheria were not seen again.

Sleep came easy but was interrupted by Tryntia having a nightmare where she wandered among a destroyed Mytros and was attacked by a Manticore. When she awoke she informed everyone that she had to do something important. Following her, the party found itself in the Great Gardens, particularly in a garden behind the Observatory. Opening a secret entrance Tryntia was able to gain access to the Dragon Necropolis and performed a ritual which brought forth the birth of Неизвестно, the Bronze Dragon!

The Heroes of Thylea wake up after their stay at the inn and visit Volkan first thing.

They found the blacksmith and his assistant Theo packing a cart. Volkan informed them that not only had he enchanted the shield tht Praxos had crafted to animate the Dragon figure and roar but had decided to accompany the heroes to the Mithral Mountains in order to help them Light the Fires of the Mithral Forge.

However, before they could leave The City of Estoria they were interrupted by Guards who informed them that King Pythor wished to speak to them immediately. Our heroes took some time with Eurytus asking Theo to think about crafting some equipment for him and Praxos encouraging the youth by telling him he was part of the legend the party eventually found themselves in Pythors throne room. The King immediately recognised Selene and joyously confirmed that he was her Father. He informed her that he thought her mother was killed by Hexia his ex-wife but if the prophecy indicated there was hope perhaps she was alive.

After some thought and some rousing from Kyrah, Poet Laureate of Mytros and Aella, The Whirlwind Pythor informed the party that a delegation from The Order of Sydon was demanding that he sacrifice Anora to Sydon or the city would be razed by the massive army on the north.

The party met Gaius, a thoroughly unpleasant individual who introduced himself as the Commander of The Order of Sydon and it was quickly proven that no competent negotiation could occur. The Heroes of Thylea did some frantic troubleshooting and decided that getting rid of the Basillisks may make the process easier. Fortunately, it seemed that Euryale had prior knowledge of the creatures and was able to convince them to sit this one out.

The sacrifice started but as time passed and the Basillisks did not show Gaius and his captain departed in disgust and the heroes were attacked by loathsome Harpies, frustrated at how their masters plans had been foiled. The heroes destroyed them with nary a sweat broken.

Pythor welcomed the heroes back with open arms and warm hugs (those he managed to reach) and declared a week of festivities to commence in The City of Estoria. During the celebrations, Pythor gave Selene his legendary Hammer. While she was not able to use it (it needing the physique of a legendary athlete rather than a graceful bard he let her know that her grandfather Volkan (Who was indeed also Volkan The Blacksmith) would be able to use the hammer to craft new items.

Volkan The Blacksmith confirmed this and presented Selene with a beautiful instrument case that could fit an amazing amount of stuff easily.

The heroes then shortly left the city and made their way to the Mithral Mountains. A small meeting with a band of Centaurs resolved in a peaceful way as their leader, Hukar informed Eurytus that he respected him and would not do him harm. He warned them of Troglodytes in the mountains and gave them three potions made by the blood of the tribe and blessed by Sydon. He knows of their quest but urged them to consider the wisdom of the Sky Father, Sydon.

A fabled sea that is said to lead directly to Hades.

Met by Tryntia in the dockyards of The City of Mytros, Old Samuel was a merchant who claimed that he had sailed Thylea's oceans for over 80 years and seeing Tryntia was able to tell her that he had seen her people on his travel, at the constelation of the Turtle. Although he's lost dozens of comrades to the treachery of the seas, he still makes sacrifices to the Lord of Storms. Samuel has lots of useful sailing advice to offer to heroes who are willing to listen to him. 

The Dryads present seemed friendly when they saw what Eurytus was. They informed him that communing with the mother was possible but the experience would kill most. For it to happen at all a great sacrifice needed to happen, one of the unique golden animals on this island. The party were given a choise to choose what to hunt, the antlers, the hoof or the teeth. While the party decided to sacrifice the Golden Deer which consented to being sacriiced they were ambushed by the Golden lion which claled them Hypocritess and attacked with it's pack. Eurytus was able to commune with Thylea herself and learned much about the truth of the early world. He saw and learned about The Creation of the Fey races and how this is what caused the power imbalance with Sydon absorbing Talieus The First divinity. He then saw and experienced The War of the Titans and saw how one by one the Titans fell. Not a single one was slain but they were all somehow incapacitated. After the communion ended Eurytus was given a golden apple that sprouted from the mother herself. He decided that it should be cut and each crew member be given a small piece of it to consume.

Meanwhile Praxos and Tryntia aproached the pegasus they had seen. It spoke into their minds asking if they had done evil and Tryntia stepped back. Coming closer to Praxos he showed him the good deeds he had done in the past being perverted and causing bad luck to the people he hlped equivelant with the boon he had given them, sometimes excheeding it. He said that Praxos was a good man but something had taken his influence and warped it. Bellerophon, as a pegasus, was affronted by such a deed and asked if Praxos would accept his aid. Once he received an affirmative the Pegasus was bonded to Praxos and was able to let him fly on his back. In a similar if more comedic moment the Golden Ram asked to be taken aboard the Ultros and be taken somewhere interesting and in return it would allow them to shear it. It flew Tryntia back to the base of the tree in an extremely dangerous and haphazard way, Неизвестно flying close behind.

There are several aspects of Thylea that are different from a typical fantasy world. Oaths are expected to be honored upon the life of the swearer, and guests can expect to be shown hospitality even in the homes of their fiercest enemies. When these ancient laws of Thylea are disobeyed, the resulting punishment can forever change the life of a hero. Oaths and curses are not enforced by any particular titan or god. These are natural laws that were woven into the fabric of Thylea at the dawn of time. Even Sydon and Lutheria must honor their oaths or suffer dreadful consequences.

Refer to Guest Friendship, Sacred Oaths and Mortal Curses to learn more.

The Temple of the Five was one of the first buildings constructed in the city of Mytros, and is the oldest civic building there. Elected representatives from the districts of Mytros and her outlying villages form a council that meets at the temple every new moon. However, the pattern of civic life is increasingly dictated by the Order of Sydon, who believe that the Temple of the Five should be destroyed in order to appease the Titans. King Acastus has taken no sides in this conflict, but the peace is becoming precarious.

The Fates weave the destinies of all gods and mortals in their magical loom, but whether they manipulate fate or merely record it is unknown. 


You increase your piety score to the Fates when you expand their influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Defeating a creature that has stepped out of its place

  • Repairing a significant wound dealt to destiny by the gods’ ambitions

  • Teaching people about the Fates and their nature

Your piety score to the Fates decreases if you diminish their influence in the world, contradict their ideals, or threaten the integrity of destiny through acts such as these:

  • Undoing a deserved punishment or curse suffered by another creature

  • Willfully destroying a natural wonder

  • Assisting a creature in undermining the natural order or exploiting destiny


Piety Needed

Piety 3+ 
Piety 10+ 
Piety 25+ 
Champion of Destiny
Piety 50+ 

A major chieftain among the Centaur clans. He serves Sydon and really dislikes Eurytus.

Kaaaouuuaahhkwaa is a relatively young member of the Rhinoceros race. 

He once went on a rampage in the town of Meos but was talked down by Selene

This island has been legendary for as long as there have been settlers in Thylea. Some of the Dragonlords landed on this island and came back with stories of animals that were almost divine in stature. These creatures were more beautiful and noble than any others of their kind. That didn’t stop the Dragonlords from hunting them: one golden lion was caught and killed, and its hide was used to make a fabulous magical cloak. While such magnificent beasts have been found on Thylea’s mainland, they have never been seen in the numbers that are reputed to be on this island. For centuries, sailors have sought out the island in hopes of taking the hide of a divine beast and selling it for a king’s ransom in Mytros. None have succeded in finding it or returned to tell the tale. This island is most likely the one mentioned in The Legend of Creation.

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