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Themis is the largest island in the Cerulean Gulf and consists of relatively flat grassland with small copses of trees. There is one deep, safe bay on the western edge of the island that is an ideal anchorage. Another deep bay on the eastern edge of the island is too dangerous for ships to enter due to jagged rocks that break the surface.

Themis has different fauna from the rest of Thylea, including tropical animals such as antelopes, giraffes, lions, hyenas, and rhinoceroses. Tales of these creatures are told far and wide, but what truly makes the island famous are its legendary denizens: The Amazons.

The Amazons of Themis are fiercely loyal and true to their ancient code. The sisterhood have developed many secret techniques over the centuries. Would that we had more warriors like them in Mytros.

— Vallus, Goddess of Wisdom

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