Remova os anúncios assinando Kanka ou impulsionando a campanha.

  • New shop system implemented


Homebrew Rules:

  1. Training Proficieny
  2. Studying spells during a fight
  3. Taming wildlife
  4. Long rest exhaustion (sleeping with armor)
  5. Hitting multiple enemies in combat
  6. Carrying system - updated, 14.4.22
  7. Downtime activities

Gruumsh was the patron god of the Orc race and greater god of the orc pantheon. He was named He Who Never Sleeps for he was said to never tire, and symbolized with an ever-open eye to represent the orc belief that he watched over them all, judging the worth of each and every one of their kind. Gruumsh created the orcs and guided their destiny with the aid of his divine subordinates, ruling over orcish mortals and gods alike as their unquestioned patriarch. Long ago he swore that orcs would rule the world, and since then had driven his people to wage endless holy war in the name of his divine wrath.

On the tallest mountain all over Quora, a city was erected by Giants, they named it Gath