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Weigh Anchor

The Weigh Anchor is a large dilapidated trade galley that sits in the nearly-abandoned harbor of Mistshore. Its mast lays broken above the deck, with canvas stretched to create an area protected from the elements. Ships lanterns illuminate the deck, where beer kegs are stacked high as patrons drink from the permanently-moored ship.

The Anchor is one of the few that managed to survive the fires that ravaged Mistshore several years back. It hasn’t left the dock in decades, becoming a permanent establishment in the neighborhood, and is popular with the desperately poor denizens of Mistshore, and sailors down on their luck.

  • Address Mistshore, Downcastle, Castle Ward
  • Type Tavern
  • Price Range ⏺🞅🞅🞅🞅
  • Proprietor(s)

    Methnil Ficklefingers is a ruddy-faced woman with a booming voice.

  • The Elven Pantheon
    Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
    Aerdrie Faenya, goddess of the sky CG Tempest, Trickery Bird silhouetted against a cloud
    Angharradh, triple goddess of wisdom and protection CG Knowledge, Life Triangle with three interlocking circles within
    Corellon Larethian, god of art and magic CG Arcana, Light Crescent moon
    Deep Sashelas, god of the sea CG Nature Dolphin
    Erevan Ilesere, god of mischief CN Trickery Asymmetrical eight-armed star
    Fenmarel Mestarine, god of outcasts CN Trickery Two peering elven eyes
    Hanali Celanil, goddess of love and beauty CG Life Golden heart
    Labelas Enoreth, god of time, history, and philosophy CG Arcana, Knowledge Setting sun
    Rillifane Rallathil, god of nature CG Nature Oak
    Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of divination, dreams, travel, and death CG Knowledge Full moon under a moonbow
    Shevarash, god of vengeance CN War Broken arrow over a tear
    Solonor Thelandira, god of archery CG War Silver arrow with green fletching
    Elven Deities

    The gods of the Tel'Quessir, collectively known as the Seldarine, have embodied the ideals of the elf people since time immemorial. They are believed to dwell in the realm of Arvandor on the plane of Arborea.

    God of the Elves

    Corellon Larethian is the wise leader of the Seldarine, the god of elves, magic, poetry, rulership, and warcraft. He is thought of as the father of the race, but he is depicted as female as often as he is depicted as male.

    Goddess of Wisdom

    Angharradh, triune goddess of wisdom and the fierce mother-protector of the elf people, is Corellon's consort. Her three aspects are: Aerdrie Faenya, wild goddess of the winds and weather, as well as patron of the avariel; Hanali Celanil, the Winsome Rose, goddess of love, beauty, art, and enchantment; and the Moonlit Mystery, silver Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of all life's mysteries, including mysticism, prophecy, death, and dreams. In legends, these goddesses are often separate entities from Angharradh, and frequently depicted as Correllon's daughters or consorts.

    Gods of Nature

    Deep Sashelas is a sea god, lord of the sea elves and of dolphins. Labelas Enoreth is the philosopher god, deity of time and history, whose gift of trance is crucial to elven identity and survival. Rillifane Rallathil is god of the woodlands and the wild places, the father of wood elves and protector of druids. Closely allied with him is Solonor Thelandira, the god of hunting, archery, and woodcraft.

    Gods of Shadow

    Of somewhat darker bent, Erevan Ilesere is a deity of mischief, a trickster-god; and Fenmarel Mestarine is the moody and sullen god of outcasts and solitude, who has little to do with the rest of the Seldarine (except for Erevan, who uses Fenmarel as a scapegoat in his plots and pranks). And then there is Shevarash, a god thought of as embittered and obsessive, to whom elves turn when they seek vengeance.

    Faerûnian Gods

    Many elves worship deities in the Faerûnian pantheon, including Mielikki (and the unicorn goddess Lurue), Silvanus, and Sune. In recent years, some elves have found delight in the worship of Lathander, as well.


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