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"See those stars that look like a tree?  That's the Nymph, and her story is tragic.  While out on a hunt, King Lacanus of Pythoria stumbled upon a small grove with a single silver tree growing in the centre.  There he found the most beautiful creature he had ever seen - a dryad with silver eyes. He instantly fell in love.

The dryad was smitten with Lacanus as well, and she agreed to marry him, even though it meant leaving her birth tree behind.  But on the long journey to his palace, she grew feverish and ill.  Within a week, she withered and died.

Heartbroken, Lacanus ordered his soldiers to chop down the silver tree so it could be used to build a suitable coffin.  As the first axe struck its trunk, Lacanus screamed out in pain and fell dead.  By marrying the dryad, he had bound his spirit to hew birth tree - and so by felling the tree, he joined his wife in death."



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