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This description of your character will be read at the start of each session. It's not the exhaustive description of everything about your character. Just a brief refresher to remind everyone of what your character looks like and what some of their defining features are. There are 5 key elements to cover in your character's physical description. Write around 1 to 3 sentences for each point. Keep it brief.

For each element, only pick out one (maybe two) important features to spend time on. In other words, if you have "Dorg's leather armor is caked with grime and filth." You don't have to also describe how Dorg's fingernails and hair are also messy and dirty. The point that Dorg is slovenly is clear enough with just the one detail.

Periodically, such as when your character levels up, you should revisit this description and update it to reflect the change in your character's appearance over time.

Key Elements


Describe the character's gender, race, build, ethnicity/features, and apparent age. If they're human, stick to qualitative descriptors "Samson is a young man" rather than giving specific numbers. If they're non-human, give both the qualitative descriptor AND the number. "Dorg is a young dwarf, only around 110 years old."


Describe the character's weapons, armor and clothing. Describe EVERY visible weapon and note where it is stowed/carried. Describe the armor your character wears. Then, if they're not so heavily armored as to hide their clothes, describe what sort of clothing they wear.


Describe any meaningful symbols your character has on their person. Holy icons, signet rings, pendants, charms, stuff painted on shields, etc. Stuff that indicates something about your character's place in the world.

If the meaning of the symbol should be common knowledge, such as the holy symbol of a commonly worshipped god, provide that meaning in your description. If the meaning of the symbol isn't widely known, but a typical person would be able to guess the significance, include that context. If an observer wouldn't know the meaning of the symbol, just describe the symbol. You'll need to get my help with this since obviously you don't know what symbols are common knowledge and which are lesser known.


Pick one noticeable feature that makes your character stand out. It could be a weird hairstyle or eye color, strange clothing or equipment, gestures, mannerisms, whatever. Don't describe what it means or what it indicates. That's for the other player to guess at and eventually learn. Just describe the feature itself. If this would make sense to fit in with an earlier section, you can definitely do that.


You don't need to fill this out with your other details because it's the only thing that

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