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Galifar ir'Wynarn II

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Galifar the Dark
NPC (Politician)


Young Galifar was born in Vult, on the darkest night of Long Shadows. The common story says that both his mother and the attending Jorasco chirurgeon were found dead in the birthing room, the silent child still cradled in his mother's arms. The servants whispered that the child was cursed, that plants withered in his shadow. But it seemed Galifar could sense those who carried death in their heart; when a would-be assassin sought to kill King Cyre, the boy called out the killer's name and the assassin fell dead at Cyre's feet. While others still feared the prince, Cyre embraced him and the two were inseparable until the King's death. 

This is a popular story, but as with so many elements of history, the concrete facts are shrouded in mystery. Many scholars believe that Galifar II was a tiefling with ties to Mabar; but others say that the king had an aberrant dragonmark in a place easily concealed. It's said that when Galifar looked at someone, he knew exactly when and how they would die. But while it was these eerie gifts and his cold demeanor that earned Galifar his sobriquet, Galifar II was a good ruler who strengthened the bonds between the Five Nations, reinforcing the Galifar Code of Justice and overhauling the calendar; it was Galifar the Dark who established the Year of the Kingdom still used today. 

Aberrant dragonmarks were rarer in Galifar II's time than in the present day, and if Galifar's "gift" was a dragonmark, it was a strong one. If Galifar the Dark did have an aberrant dragonmark, he may have done research into these marks during his reign; it's possible that he sheltered other aberrants, or developed focus items for his or other aberrant marks. If aberrant-marked adventurers in the present day could find conclusive evidence of Galifar's mark—or a cache of journals or tools—it could have interesting repercussions for House Tarkanan and the Twelve. 

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