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New? Here's how to get started. 

Welcome! The first steps to getting started are:

The isolated Isle of Luachmhar (pronounced like 'Lockmer') sits now in the Irish Sea, a thin barrier against the progress of Norman expansion. The Vikings settled this land long ago, and still lay claim to its soil; but no king has truly conquered the teeming wilderness and independent spirit of its peoples. Longships often dash against the rocks which guard the island's shores, and far travelers speak quietly about the unspeakable dangers that lurk deeper into the land.

Residents of the island, though, find these tales laughable; it's a place to live, like any other. A number of small communities populate the island: Tullach Port, Inishmore, and Ballingort, made of a handful of clans each. There are also some eccentric and accepting folks in GlaisinkylIf one uses their wits, and trusts the wisdom of their fathers, they can avoid all of nature's pitfalls and reap her bounties. 

Reality, however, falls somewhere in the middle. The island's isolation makes it the ideal home for any folk who wish to avoid prying eyes; Faerie, Cambion, Nephilim, Genie, Werewolf, and even Vampire may be found along its shores (just to name a few). This has long been the case, and many otherwise mortal natives of the island have "supernatural" ancestors somewhere along their family line, even if they don't know it. 

However, wherever those of the "other side" congregate, so too do any number of maledictions, beasts, and demons. Far from the prying eyes of the mainland hunters, dangerous beings do indeed roam the island and its surrounding waters. Many wish the same as the human residents - for peace in isolation - but others seek strong prey, whether by way of flesh or of innocent souls. Such is life, though; if you're crazy enough to wander in the wilds at night, only God knows where you'll turn up.

And, of course, the Mountain holds its secrets; The Monastery guards the entrance to a Nexus, which The Slingers, a loosely organized cadre of mages, help to keep watch over. It calls upon otherworldly energies, allowing spirits to pass through into our world, as well as spreading Mana for mortal use. This Nexus is a battleground for power in the spiritual realm, and these beings often involve mortals in their struggles for control over the endless fountain of energy.

Medieval fantasy RP! Drama! Intrigue! Romance!

The system we're using is GURPS 4e, but we've tailored the experience to be a breeze for newbies and experienced players alike! Pretty much all source material is contained within Kanka (exception: spellcasting), so finding what you want will be a breeze.

Play-by-post. Living World. You know you're the hero in your own story, but are you the villian in someone else's? 

Valek is nothing interesting. Just another traveler wanting to explorer out in the world. Traveling and experiencing the world. However, that is not at everything. He explorers not for a sense of wonder but for information. For clues. For something that he himself doesn't know what it is a part from that, he wants it.

He is rather eccentric always pushing himself forward in order to learn whatever information he can even though he isn't the best at the whole.. talking thing. But even though he is a bit greedy and has a habit of asking too personal questions at the end of the day he still tries to help people when he can.

  • Height: 5'11'
  • Weight: 170lbs. 
  • Alcohol Intolerance: Alcohol “goes right to your head.” You become intoxicated much more quickly than normal. You get -2 on any HT roll related to drinking.
  • Distinctive Features:  You have a physical feature – e.g., “Brilliant blue hair” – that makes you stand out in a crowd. This gives -1 to your Disguise and Shadowing skills, and +1 to others’ attempts to identify or follow you.
  • Horrible Hangovers: You suffer an additional -3 to any penalties the GM assesses for excessive drinking the previous evening, and add three hours to hangover duration.
  • Nervous Stomach:  You have -3 to HT rolls to avoid illness (typically in the form of attribute penalties or vomiting) brought on by rich or spicy food, strong drink, etc.
  • You have sworn an oath to do (or not to do) something. Whatever the oath, you take it seriously; if you didn’t, it would not be a disadvantage. This trait is especially appropriate for knights, holy men, and fanatics.

    The point value of a Vow should be directly related to the inconvenience it causes you. The GM is the final judge. Some examples:

    Minor Vow: Silence during daylight hours; vegetarianism; chastity (yes, for game purposes, this is minor). -5 points.

Optional other details. 

One Arm

You have only one arm. You cannot use two-handed weapons, wield two weapons at once (or a weapon and a shield), or perform any task that requires two arms. You get -4 on tasks that are possible with one arm but that are usually executed with two (e.g., most Climbing and Wrestling rolls). You have no penalty on tasks that require only one arm. In all cases, the GM’s ruling is final. When in doubt, try a quick reality check if possible!

If you originally had two arms, assume that you lost the left arm if you were right-handed, or vice versa. -20 points

One Hand

For the most part, use the rules under One Arm (above). The difference is that you may make unarmed parries with a handless arm, and possibly strap something to it (e.g., a shield). A lowtech mechanical replacement gives you -2 (for a grabber) or -4 (for a hook or claw) on tasks involving that hand. A hook or claw also counts as an undroppable large knife in combat (use Knife skill), and gives +1 to Intimidation skill if waved at your foes.