1. Etykiety




There are ten primary gods of Aleona. The pantheon of gods are not specific to one particular race or species. The gods are vaguely humanoid in appearance. Their worshipers tend to see the gods as resembling themselves in appearance, so how they look varies from species to species, and sometimes from worshiper to worshiper. A Sentran legionnaire worshiping Kolrehs before battle might see a more human-like figure, but a goblin doing the same pictures a more goblinoid silhouette. The gods themselves are considered neutral, and their worshippers may be of any alignment (with some exceptions).

There are some differences between races and cultures in how the gods are worshipped, but they are for most part similar. The people of Aleona believe their gods are omnipresent—not bound to a single coherent form, but present in all places. If you revere Aldar, his power is always with you. Kolrehs is active on every battlefield, and Chandon guides the hand of every hunter. This outlook means that religion is driven by faith, as opposed to the concrete actions of deities. The faithful believe that their triumphs reflect the assistance of a divine influence. They don't expect a god to physically show up and solve their problems.

In addition to the primary gods, there are a number of sects and cults—some old, some new—that can be found throughout Aleona.  There are also some descendants of the gods that are worshipped as well, such as the son of Vakandis and Brimtar known as Mordon the Blind, but such secondary gods are not very common.  A brand new god or divine power, such as The Solari is completely unheard of.

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