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Character Creation


To make character creation easier (although it's pretty easy already) we will be using the online tool Savaged. Players should see a link below this section that will take you directly to the campaign setting for What Lies Beneath.  To start, simply click on the Use Setting button on the top left, which will load the custom options for this campaign.  You'll then see a row of buttons across the top to create your character.

Concept 1.You begin with the character Concept: Name, age, gender, description, background, etc.  Start by clicking the Concept button at the top of the page. We don't need to fill out pages of character background yet, unless you really want to.  A few sentences or rough idea would be nice, though. You can also select your native language here. You can select a character image and/or token here if you'd like, but that's not required.
Races 2.Next comes Race.  You can find a list of all of the races here on this site, or view them in the character creator.  (Note that there seems to be some weird bug in the character creator that doesn't always show the correct image for the races.)  Selecting a race automatically updates your Attributes, Skills, and any racial abilities you get in the form of Edges or Hindrances.  The default races are available in the drop down on the left; custom races for this campaign are in the middle.
Hindrances 3.After selecting a race, it's time to pick Hindrances.  Hindrances are flaws, drawbacks, disadvantages, dark secrets, etc., that your character may have, and selecting them gives you Perks (up to 4) to later select Edges, or increase Attributes and Skills. You'll see this reflected in the left side of the page under the select boxes for Hindrances in a section labeled Perks. Some Hindrances have multiple options, or major and minor versions.  The major Hindrances are worth 2 points, and minor Hindrances are worth 1.  After you add Hindrances, you can use your Perks in the next section.  There are a few Nieznane for this setting that are listed under "Add Setting Hindrance."
Traits 4.

After adding Hindrances, click on the button Traits for the next section.  Here you will see the five Attributes of Savage Worlds: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor.  They start out at d4 each (unless you selected a Race that increases the starting die) and can not be raised beyond d12.  You have 5 points to spend to increase your Attributes, or more if you opted for some Perks from Hindrances.  The amount of Attribute Points available to you is in the small information bar at the very bottom of the page.

You'll also see Skills listed with each attribute, which you should select after your Attributes. Skills are purposefully generic: the Shooting skill covers everything from bows to slingshots to rocket launchers—if rocket launchers existed in this game.  You have 12 points to put into skills.  The skills you see in bold are your Core Skills that are innate to heroes, and each of them start with a d4. They are Athletics, Common Knowledge, Notice, Persuasion, and Stealth.  For other skills, you need to first spend a Skill Point to get a d4.  Skills cost 1 Skill Point to raise up to and equal to their linked attribute.  So if you have an Agility at d6, it will cost 2 points to get your Shooting skill to d6 (one point to d4, a second point to d6).  But to increase the skill to a d8 will cost 2 more points. Three default skills have been repurposed for our game: Electronics has been changed to Crafting, Occult has been changed to Religion, and Weird Science has been changed to Magewright.  Custom to this campaign are separate Language skills.  The number of Language skills you get is based on your Smarts attribute.  You can read through the Skill List for more information.

These will be calculated automatically thanks to this handy online tool, but you have Derived Statistics. Pace is how fast you move in tactical situations, and is typically 6" (or 12 yards) unless changed by racial abilities, Edges, or Hindrances.  Your Parry is 2 plus half of your Fighting skill, and is used to determine how hard you are to hit in melee.  Your Toughness is 2 plus half of Vigor, plus any Armor, and measures how much damage you can take without getting hurt.  Your Size is 0 unless altered by racial abilities.

Edges 5.

Now you can select your Edges. These are special abilities or talents your character has. Each Edge costs 2 points.  There are a number of Nieznane to pick from as well. They will either be listed at the end of the drop down list, under the headings Fantasy Add-On. There's also a few unique to the campaign under a separate drop down labeled "Add Setting Edge." If you're interested in playing a spellcaster, you'll want to pick the Arcane Background, and then you can select your Arcane Powers.

Gear 6.You have 500𝔊 to buy gear with.
Powers 7.

If you selected Arcane Background as one of your edges, you'll also see an option for Powers. Here you'll start by selecting the source of your Arcane Background, which you can read more about under Arcane Powers. Note that for some reason, all backgrounds are listed, but the ones that are not available have "n/a" at the end of the name.  After selecting your background, you'll see how many starting powers you can select, and how many Power Points you start with.  You can then select which powers your character has.

Export 8.When you are finished, you will need to Export your character so it can be loaded into Roll20.  To do this, click the Exports button. The fancy paid version of the software allows you to export directly into a Roll20-friendly format, but for us, you can simply export as Stat Block, copy the text, and paste it into an email to send to your GM.

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