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Getting the Group Together

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Getting the Group Together

Getting the group together prevents a party of characters from being created in a vacuum. Rather than everyone creating their characters individually and then randomly meeting at the same tavern (or thrown in to the same prison cell, or all hired by the same eccentric wizard, or waking up in the same bare room with no memory of how they got there), they should be unified enough to participate in the story together. Additionally, the characters should also mesh with the theme and tone of the game.

Because the game requires strong character continuity, a party is required to mostly stick together. The characters do not need to be one big happy family that always get along and agree with one another. Conflict is what makes stories interesting! And such conflict and diversity can be great for intraparty role-playing, but not to the point where it is a detriment to the party’s cohesion. Arguments and infighting can and probably will happen, but at the end of the day the party remains together. When a conflict erupts, the characters are expected to patch things up, given time. All characters should be willing to work together without derailing the game. An elf that hates all dwarves and refuses to work with them for any reason is a bad character if there’s a dwarf in the party. An elf that hates all dwarves, but is begrudgingly willing to work with the one dwarf in the party that saved his life all those years ago is better.

To prevent a party from butting heads with one another, we provide a common ground for the party. Even though each party member might have a unique goal or motivation, there is also something that helps push them together. The elf and the dwarf may not get along, but they can both agree that deposing the evil tyrant is something they want to do.

Once you (as a group) feel that you have a good reason for the party to be together, it is up to you (as an individual) to make sure your character fits in the group and the game in general. It won’t do to have a concept for a cohesive party but not to create a character that fits in to that concept.

Group ideas

  • Serve the citizens of the city and protect the streets as Vigilants or part of the Imperial Watch.
  • Uncover the truth as reporters for The Inquisitive. Or just sell stories about local gossip.
  • Pursue a cause for faith, serving one of the many religions as priests, paladins, or parishioners.
  • Find clues as an investigative agency, putting your keen mind and dogged determination to use unraveling mysteries.
  • Engage in imperial espionage as Agents of the Veil, the secret servants of the crown.
  • Join a criminal organization like Hammerfall or the Cornys Family, using your talents for heists, assassinations, and epic cons.


Art by Woo Chul Lee.

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