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Getting Around the City

City Life


Ward to ward

Sentra is an enormous city. Traveling on foot can take some time. Walking across a ward takes 30 minutes. Going from one ward to a neighboring ward takes 30 minutes. For speedier travel, a carriage can be rented to move through the streets. 

The Rivers

The rivers Oenus and Aniene flow by the city.  The rivers flow from east to west, with ships making deliveries from further inland.  Travel back upriver isn't as common, and usually occurs over road instead.  


Wide streets run through Sentra, wider and cleaner than the muddy roads found in most towns. They are used as the main thoroughfares of traffic going in and out of the city, as well as pedestrians and carts moving within the city. Most streets have lighting along the side, commonly mundane torches.  Richer neighborhoods like those of Hightower Ward are lit with bright Arcstone-powered lanterns called arclights. These wide streets connect the three districts, and most of the prominent wards. Smaller, more narrow streets branch off, eventually loading to twisting alleyways, especially in the poorer areas of the city.

The largest street is the Promenade, which is thirty feet wide, with five feet on each side devoted to foot traffic.  It runs from the eastern edge of the city through Cornerstone to the first gate into The Prominence.  It is lined with markets and small parks, and becomes the city's most popular parade route on holidays, especially the Emperor's birthday.


The tall towers of the Palatial District would be difficult to climb without the aid of magical levitators.  These levitators allow for quick vertical travel between the different levels of the towers.  Although typically used just for passengers, some towers have larger levitators for cargo and freight.


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