1. Notatki



Citizenship is open to all humans and half-elves with at least 50% human parentage living with the borders of the Empire.  Citizens pay taxes to Sentra, and in return are gifted with roads and protection. They are given the opportunity to serve the Empire and become a citizen, with all the benefits. State-paid education for their children, voting privileges, and more.

Schooling is a right of every Sentran citizen.  Children are encouraged to attend a public school from the ages of 6 to 10, although this is not mandatory.  Those that can afford a more expensive education take their children to prestigious private academies.  After the age of 10, most education takes the form of apprenticeship.  A guild takes the name and contact information of a prospective apprentice and polls its members to see if there is a master willing to take on the new apprentice.

Demihumans—dwarves, elves, caithan, nezumi, etc—cannot be citizens.  However, those that live within the Sentran Empire have several residency fees that must be paid annually.


Art by mattforsyth.

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