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Session 17: Inklings


Continued from Session 16: Action and Dialogue.

Tor'in and Meriel walked to the Giving Hands to visit Mordenkai again. Meriel asked him if he could sense the new Listener of the Singers, but he only had a vague sense that they were somewhere in the city. If he got closer to them, he would be better able to pinpoint their location. Kith sang a song to them. During the song, both Meriel and Mordenkai recalled happy childhood memories, but had no recollection of what Kith actually sang. 

Meanwhile, Amos and Ren made their way to the Keep of Order to visit Goteg, who was imprisoned by the Vigilants. They asked him some questions about Blood Magic. Goteg said that illusion is not something blood magic is especially good at. Ren showed him the symbols from the murders, and Goteg said he looked a bit like a healing spell. It was taking blood from the victim, and giving it to the murderer. The murderer was removing their own blood in the process. Both Amos and Ren wondered if someone was trying to bring back Samegri. Goteg had never heard of a non-orc learning blood magic, but there aren't rules against it. Goteg learned from his grandfather, and others similarly had the knowledge passed down. Any books that could have explained blood magic were supposedly destroyed by the Empire a long time ago.

Back at the Seat of Law in Tradefair, Surt shares his findings from his investigation at the Dark Horse Den. He talked with several witnesses who were around the bar near the murderer (then disguised as Braelyn) and Allan. They mentioned Braelyn scratching her forearms, something that the murderer also did when disguised as Emlyn. Surt learned that on the same night of the murder, the VIP suite was broken in to, but did not discover if anything was taken. He also recovered a mostly empty vial of blue liquid from where Braelyn and Allan were sitting and drinking. Meriel remembered this vial from Ragor, who offered her some a few days ago. The tonic would help her if she had decided to drink any of the strong orcish wine, and he mentioned it was a recipe he learned from his mother.

After learning this, the party then went to see Ragor. Ragor was very shocked, because he did not believe it to be his. He double-checked his collection of potions, and none were missing. But he did agree it looked and tasted very much like the one he makes. When asked if he was certain about his mother's death, he repeated that he had confirmation from the Keeper Sendara Thoniel and her friend Rubin. 

They left Ragor to visit Amaiur's Apothecary. Amaiur had news that one of his fellow apothecarists had Redroot stolen recently. The apothecary was run by a Nezumi named Vineleaper in Darin's Folly. In return for a favor from Tor'in, Amaiur also said he would analyze Ragor's potion and the potion that Surt discovered.

Returning home for the night, Ren's brother Nieznane had a partial list of guests for the Fournius Gala tomorrow night. He also explained that the gala was going to be held in one of the towers in the Wyvern Towers neighborhood, and there were two entrances by magical levitators: a main one in the front, and a servants' entrance in the back. In addition to Karl and Ren, there were also be six House Fournius guards and dwarven Ambassador Galnir, one of the invited guests, will have two bodyguards with him.

Continues in Session 18: The Gala.

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